Can We Turn the Volume Down?


Oski Wee Wee,


This is not a new problem.


I'd suggest that someone in authority take in a game from pretty much anywhere in section 7. My guess is the issue would end pretty quickly.

Or stay the course and wait for someones eardrums to burst and invitable lawsuit to follow. :lol:

The excessively high volume most definitely makes the gameday experience less enjoyable. You can't even discuss the previous play with the person sitting next to you. After a couple of "Huh? or What?" you just give up on the conversation.

If people have called management and the complaints have fallen on "deaf ears" :roll: then I hope the Caretaker reads this thread. You can't have people uncomfortable at a game. Otherwise they might stay at home.

Only 9 or 10 games to go.

If your comment means that there are only 9 or 10 games to go and there is no point in correcting it, I don't agree. If they don't listen to us now and do something now, how can we believe that they actually think it is a problem and will do anything in the new stadium's design to rectify it. They haven't done anything for years now so why should we believe them if they say that it will be fixed in the new design. They need to give some indication that they realize that it is a problem and do something. I'll be taking my sound meter to the next game to check out the sound levels. I want to go to a football game, not a rock concert.

anyone from Management care to weigh in on this???????

I agree that the sound in general is oft times distorted and the music in particular, too loud.

I sit in box C, away from the speakers, but I had difficulty listening to the CHML broadcast thru my radio headphones. I had to turn the volume up to almost a painful level and/or hold the ear pieces tight to my ears in order to hear the play-by-play.

It would seem that the sound distribution in the stadium hits some areas harder than others. Or some people are already hard of hearing and need the high volume. Problem is, those of us with "normal" hearing would like to keep it.

IMO, music is meant to be heard, not felt. I don't have kidney stones (that I know of) so I don't need to have my body blasted by sonic sound waves.

Good point.

The 2013 gypsy season will no doubt raise this question with many season ticket holders. Although the PA system issue should be solved, how many people are going to discover watching games in their living room with cheap beer, better menu, and shorter washroom lines to be a preferable option?

I received a reply to an e-mail from the Ticats office about the noise level. They said that there were a lot of complaints about the speakers being very loud and that they wold be meeting with the City workers on Monday to have the problem (along with a few other problems) fixed.

I too am a long-time Season Ticket holder (section eight) and have been going since I was a kid (51 years …since 1961).

I absolutely agree! … The volume level is absolutely and totally ridiculous!

I can’t even have a conversation with my wife, right beside me. It’s a joke!

I’m not sure how much longer we will tolerate it (and I don’t like making a statement like that).

Again, I've gone to games at Ivor Wynne for many many years, and as far back as I can remember the PA has ALWAYS been too loud.

Never mind having a conversation, the volume has been so bad that you can't even hear yourself think. It's distracting, annoying and even dangerous to your ears. I've thought over the last couple of years of bringing my kids, but this is one of the reasons I've hedged.

Hopefully, with the new stadium this problem will FINALLY get some MUCH deserved and overdue attention.

Meantime, in this age of modern technology, I find it quite remarkable that this health problem hasn't been addressed.

P.S...I use the word "again" because this isn't the first time that this topic has been raised, and likely won't be the last because there seems to be a lack of will to fix it....

Hey Bruce, I've been a season ticket holder for longer than you have been on this planet . Don't tell me to get ear plugs or to stay home.Show a little respect for your elders. Our support of the Cats over the years is the reason you are able to watch them now. I don't sit in the weiner winner seats and therefore moving to better seats can't be done. Perhaps in the future, you could engage the brain before the tongue. Just sayin! :lol:

[quote=""tc23""] :rockin: [b]TURN UP THE VOLUME WHEN THE TICATS DEFENCE IS ON THE FIELD[/b] :rockin: [/quote]
Well that isn't so good either. When I start to cheer on the defense (which is the point of going to the game), the speakers come on so loud that I give up cheering because I don't figure the team can hear me over the speakers. I can't hear the person behind me cheer. I figure the team would rather hear their fans cheer them on rather than artificial cheering. I laugh when the announcer comes on says "make some noise" because as soon as we do, we get drowned out by the speakers. It's frustrating. For those of you who don't sit close to the speakers, you just don't understand.

"Some people complain just to complain! To loud wear ear plugs or stay home!"

And what if my children don't want to wear ear plugs, Bruce? Stay at home, you say...thanks for the suggestion....I take it you don't work for the Tiger cat ticket sales department....

Thanks - someone heard us.

As bad as the game was - the volume of the PA and music was much, much better - at least in Section 26.

Thanks you for listening.

Good to hear Wlakerclan. Here's hoping the fix takes....

I wish it were louder.

It was kinda dead that night, especially when we had to sit through that dud of a performance on the field.

CRANK IT BABY ...... LET'S PARTY :rockin: :rockin: for good OLD Ivor Wynne

How about going back to louder during the opening intro when trying to pump the crowd, and when the cheerleaders are performing their feature dances, and during the game, keep it the current level?

As an aside, I wished there were some sort of attention grabbing intro to the U19 world champion tribute. The scoreboard/video sound was so quiet, I think most people were unaware of the tribute until the video was virtually over and many in my section had trouble hearing the video's sound and were perplexed as to what was being shown.