Can We Turn the Volume Down?

I know that I'm old but I really don't have to have the speakers at warp factor 7 in order to hear. I do realize that we're trying to appeal to a younger demographic but that can be done through the music selection, not the volume control. I never leave games early but I found the volume uncomfortable and left at the half. If you can't have a conversation with a seat neighbour, then maybe it's time to turn it down. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I did find it too loud but I dont sit near a speaker so.....perhaps you do?

I sit in Section 21 and I too found it hard to have a conversation with the people next to me. Too loud and too much echo.

I didn't find it loud, I just found it really muffled. This is the problem with an old stadium and old speakers though, they will sound way to loud in some sections and you can barely hear what they are saying in others. Once we have a new stadium this should all be fixed.

Yeah we had the same problem. It was terrible.

Not only was the volume loud but the music selection was CRAP!! It only appeals to a small percentage of those in attendance. The rap and that obnoxious noise the DJ was spinning was horrible! Why do we even need music between plays? Why do sports teams think we need to be entertained every nanosecond. Can we not have some relative quiet in between plays? I love the games but the music selection and volume is garbage!

Could have been worse. You could have been at home watching on TV and having to listen to Rod Black describe the game he was watching, which somehow didn't seem to be the same one I was watching. :wink:

I took a friend to the game and we sat in section 9 and those speakers there were brutal! Not only were they super loud but they were crackling.. My friend and I had to move with a couple of our other friends who had extra seats in another section at half time.

Now I know it was the first game of the season but our stadium announcer was absolutely horrible last night. 3 times last night he called #85 for the blue team "Charbonneau-Campeau", who is not only a 6'4" white french Canadian, but our 4th round draft pick this season, and the only player from this years draft class to play for us this season. The blue team's #85 is 5'10" Samie Parker, an African American player who has played 6 years in the NFL. I don't see how you could even come close to confusing the two players unless you are completely unprepared. Now that just makes us look unprofessional and quite amateur.

Other then those two problems, my buddy and I enjoyed the game and aside from having to yell in each others ear to communicate in the first half, we had fun.

I have found the game experience to be much more pleasurable then years past, however I have to agree, the volume of the music and the amount it's played is too much. Please Mr. Caretaker can we look at getting this corrected?????

where did you come up with the stat that only a small percentage like the music played? Also if you were changing it what would you change it to because I can guarantee you your going to have way more people complain about it than enjoy it. The music that gets played is stuff younger people like and thats who the cats want to draw in, its also the stuff most of the players listen to...

I fifth or sixth or seventh this request. I don't mind them playing music at the games -- I'd prefer they didn't, but I know that's not going to happen -- but it does not need to be that loud. Turn the volume down by half and you'll still be able to hear the tunes and people will still be able to talk to one another. I would especially like it if the music was turned down at halftime. I want to discuss the game with those sitting around more than I want to hear a remixed version of "Black & Yellow."

I can't hear you. Can you speak up louder, please?
Damn - I think I just lost my hearing...

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

We sit in Section 26 - right below speakers aimed right down on us - and have contacted Ti-Cat staff about the problem too many times to mention.

The only thing I will add this time - I just "googled" decibal level hazardous to hearing - and read anything over 85 is dangerous. A young gentleman in front of us had an app on his iphone and the reading at halftime was 92!!!!!

Turn it down!!!!!

Some people complain just to complain! To loud wear ear plugs or stay home! :lol:
Sit in another section AWAY from a speaker might help also! :rockin: :rockin:

The NBA started this 'constant entertainment' trend. The thinking is fans get bored between plays and need something to keep them entertained.

Hopefully the new stadium will have a better sound system so some people aren't blasted while others can't hear the groovy tunes.

This thread is somewhat of a surprise to me. Co-incidentally, I just spent some time an hour and a half ago on a Hamilton Air Show Dakota DC-3 media flight with Mike Nabuurs (Ivor Wynne Stadium announcer) and I was telling him that it was a nice change to finally have the sound down at a level we could here ourselves think in the stadium. I also told him he sounded a lot better than our previous announcer regarding his voice volume etc.

I was about 10-15 rows up almost behind the Ticats bench last night and I found the volume just fine ! Surely better than it has been in the past.

It was perfect in Box K my 7 year old daughter was dancing and we got on the Tiger vision its the last season at good OLD ivor wynne lets party WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :roll:

Fortunately I had ear plugs in my bag from last year. Unfortunately, I was not able to talk to anyone around me to find out that they had done over the winter or make any conversation about the team. I couldn't talk to my wife sitting beside me. it was pointless.

Being a season ticket holder for 40 years, we now go to the games as more of a social event because if we had to rely on being entertained by the team, we would have packed it in years ago. With the current sound level, I could sit at home, watch it on TV and have the same social interaction as I can possibly have at the games, so what's the point of going?

One positive was that they did seem to have more silent times between plays which was nice but when the crowd doesn't seem to be making enough (?) noise (we were losing?) they started playing music all the time. Strangely, the PA announcer didn't seem too loud, only the music and the girl doing the stuff on the sidelines.

If they don't do something about this in the new stadium I will not be renewing. I've sent comments and e-mails about this to management before to no avail. I did get a reply in 2010 from Gerry Fonzo (Director of Ticket Sales and Service).He said "there are area's in the stadium that the speakers aren't loud enough and others like your section, are a bit to loud." I believe thay all sit in the press box above the speakers so they don't appreciate the volume. 92 decibels is not a "bit loud". He also said it would something that they would have to work out with the City because it is owned and operated by them. Does this mean we should be contacting our councillors?

I guess I'll have to get better ear plugs to make it through the year.

And for you guys who say to stop complaining, how long have you been supporting this team by being a season ticket holder?

I love it the way it is.

It's exciting!

Where do you sit?