Can we trust the spec or the players???

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a bit tongue in cheek here, but the pic on the bus in today’s SPEChas something wrong with it.

The players left the stadium with the new jerseys on and name tags (with phone numbers on them in case they wandered away from 1 Jarvis into the big labyrinth that is downtown Hamilton) :stuck_out_tongue: .

Three options:

  1. The Spec didn’t bother to send out a photographer on a Sunday and used a file picture.

  2. The Spec did show up, LATE and this is the return trip to the stadium after the Cats had traded/sold/bartered the new jerseys for a little cash, or a few homecooked meals at fans’ homes during the season

  3. The die-hard faithful who weathered the predicted stormy afternoon, got the jerseys by edict of management in true gratitude to those who showed up.

Please vote now.

PJAY :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

If Drew need photos I have them

8) Very observent there "My Dear Watson" :wink:
  Obviously your second choice is the right answer because the players had to turn in their retro jerseys before they left the Street Fest  !!!

  I saw that happening as they departed yesterday  !!!

did anyone elses sports section come all messed up?? Mine was messed, some of the pages and pictures and articles peeled off and stuff.