Can we take the Als next week!?

2 Wins against weak teams , I say we can stay with them but in the end sorry to say we are still not up to snuff to shut down and take on the big dogs yet and win Calvillo "the MACHINE" has our #

2-3 coming soon :thdn:

We meet Montreal three (3) times in the coming weeks including Labour Day so it would be great to set the tone right away by beating them this week. (soundly if possible) 8)

so, my answer is YES !.....we can beat them ! (and will) :wink:

Probably a loss. Hopefully close

You got to win your home games... There is no reason why the Ticats can't win in Hamilton.




Preparation and execution must be at its highest this season thus far. We shall see how the new defensive approach will fare versus the highest-octane offense in Canada.

Oski Wee Wee,


If we were playing under more even terms, I would give the edge to the Als, but there are two huge factors that will impact the result of this game: 1) The Als are playing at home on Sunday night, while we played on Friday night in BC, and the game in Friday night in Hamilton, and 2) We are the home team.

With only 5 days to rest up, prepare, and travel, the Als will be a weaker opponent than usual.

The Ti-Cats will not lose unless they beat themselves with turnovers and mistakes.


I think its very possible that we can beat the Als.

We do have the advantage of preparation time and being at home; plus we did beat them by a large margin late last season (and the pre-season game), plus our team is gelling and becoming more effective in all aspects.

The only thing I am worried about is Cavillo and our secondary (again), but who isn't afraid of AC exploiting secondaries?

I feel we can squeak this one out on Friday night.

Everyone needs to bring noise to Ivor Wynne for Friday Night Football!

Short answer:

It's actually up to Montreal: when they have lost games in the past, the opposing team doesnt beat them, they beat themselves. So the Cats have to basically get Montreal to beat themselves ( with sloppy play, turnovers, penalties). They are too strong when they have a good game.

Even the second stringers from the Als win.

In recent years it seems as though we win a big game right before we play Montreal, giving the fans some hope that we can compete with the defending champs. Then reality hits and the Als give us a beat down.

A 1st place finish likely requires winning the season series against Montreal, so winning the 2 home games against them is essential.

There very slim chance they beat Montreal
The Smart Money's Montreal
I am betting a Loss Montreal 42 Hamilton 17

The "Calvillo effect" must be overcome, we have to make this guy look bad and often to have a chance.

If the Cats are going to beat the Als, it’ll have to be the D that does it. Can they stop AC? It’s possible but unlikely. I don’t think the Cats’ offence will win the game by beating the Als’ D.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think we should go with the Idea we show the fans in the country we belong in the same league as the Allwets. :oops: :oops: :oops:

If you're willing I'll take the 25 point spread.

This game will be a good test for both teams. Even if the Als are 4-0, they will have played the Riders twice, the Lions once, and the Argos. In a nutshell, they have only beaten one team we haven't, the Argos, and while I think the Argos are better this year, they still don't have a bone fide quarterback, and Boyd has been banged up, leaving their offense pretty weak. The Als are a good team, but they haven't shown if they are truly as good as last year.

I like our chances with the Ti-Cats getting a full week off to rest and prepare. The Als on the other hand will play on Sunday, rest on Monday, travel on Thursday, leaving them only 2 real days to practice and prepare for this game. This will be a huge difference maker.

I will also go on record to state if we do win that we shouldn't get over-confident because the Als will come in less prepared than they would normally be.


Finally, a TC fan without a loser mentality.

I'll take Ticats with that spread too!!!! Still think we lose but seriously

I'll take that spread too! I'll skip playing the lottery this week and bet my savings that Hamilton keeps within 25, if not winning!

to bad I am not vegas Guys :slight_smile: