I was at the last game in winnipeg and had the pleasure to watch the als take out the bombers. IT was close but in typical bombers fashion they dont win the close games.

I feel the Als are clearly superior from the BOMBERS who in reality at this point in the season are probably around middle of the pack in the CFL.

I feel the Als are a more experienced and battle tested team, as you can see the bombers have a lot of holes on their team including really bad O line play. Punter is possibly one of the worst in CFl history. Their returned JAVON johnson is terrible and really slow.

They were playing JADE ETIENNE, Hargreaves and Cory watson at receiver--- Bombers should play better as they looked really bad last week so i expect them to play better this week. The CFL is a bounce back league, players respond after bad games-

I feel that the Bombers will play to NOT LOSE while I hope the Als will play to win the match. Bombers playbook is known, we already know that run on first and short 6 yard passes to a receiver who has to break a tackle to get the first down. One or 2 deep shots to Carr. One really deep ball to Edwards.

Tim Burke does know AC from his days, but as long as AC does not pull a Burris and get rattled and play like his pants are on fire THE ALS WILL SCORE ON THIS OVERRATED DEFENSE-

The Bomber D is aggressive, there is a few huge plays to be made vs Suber who is aggressive and with Whitaker out of the backfield vs a linebacker. Whitaker could score an easy td vs the bombers linebackers.

I think the Als can win this game they are better team, peg is on the decline, peg is overrated, they are at home, but i feel that trestman can outcoach the hell out of lapolice--

ANYONE have any thoughts on the game? THE only concern to me is that winnipeg has looked really bad of late so they could have an abberation where they could look better on saturday and overachieve? That seems to be happening a lot where teams who are overmatched and outplayed are winning the games. I think as long as the als are not too over confident and take them lightly they should win. Its always hard to win on the road in the CFL, especially this late in the year because teams are tired now, travel takes its toll. teams play good at home late in the season. The als look like they can win this game but it never seems as easy as it looks.

Not to be a downer, but I feel the Als are going to lose this one. The Bombers are desperate to build some momentum, and they're at home. We're due to drop a game after a string of wins. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, except for my impression that the area of greatest weakness for the Bomber D -- defending the deep ball -- is exactly what we are not great at exploiting. Calvillo has trouble consistently finding the touch necessary to hit deep corner routes, and on posts and go routes, his balls are usually a tad underthrown. With Winnipeg playing that match defense, underthrown balls are going to lead to interceptions unless Calvillo looks off the safety and maybe even pump-fakes on occasion. The danger in pump-faking, though, is that you may be sacked before you have time to get the ball away.

All that said, if we go into the game determined to test Winnipeg deep while mixing Whitaker into the short passing game, we could very well surprise the Bomber D. But if we try to live on the underneath and intermediate routes, Winnipeg will jump those routes and shut us down.

As a fan, I am always hopeful for my team. As a student of the game and having played, I am 50/50 on this one and I feel like I've been saying that since mid-season.

I don't know what Als team will show up in Winnipeg on Saturday. At times, they have looked like the Als of old, dominating opponents. At other times, AC and the entire team was off. To be fair, we have been doing a fairly good job of cobbling together a secondary that has been decimated by injuries. But, let us not forget that the players now getting their shot earned their way onto the team; they didn't fluke it! The bullets are flying now and all of the remaining games are like playoffs, so we'll see what kind of D we'll have and what our new secondary can produce on game day. There is an old adage in football that O gets you points, but D wins you championships. That old adage will be put to the test very soon.

AC, in this record-breaking season has continued to show the calibre of QB he is. BUT for the first time in a long time, there are chinks in his armour. As d&p and I (and others) have previously posted, the deep routes no longer seem to be in the arsenal. AC has consistently missed his targets and only infrequently hit his receivers with the deep ball this season. The intermediate and underneath routes seem to be OK, but the deep threat is missing. This was always a game-killer once upon a time. Whitaker has been a beast this year, but in games where he was underused, we lost! Senior and others have made the point that a balanced attack is the best tactic to a W; I heartily agree. As a D lineman, you train to key on certain players and practise what kind of options are possible with certain formations. With an explosive player (in space) like Whitaker, who follows his blocks and can cut, he can easily get past the first line of D and into the LBs and even into the third level. Necessarily, this forces the DHs to respect that threat which, theoretically, ought to make the deep routes feasible, provided, of course, that the QB can hit his targets!

While a W is always a W, even if it is at times lucky, I think we stole one on Sunday. We can't count on that any more. We were lucky in Winnipeg last time, not having suffered the ill effects of a blown call by the zebras, but we almost let that one get away as well, having played (ugh! I hate this term!) "prevent defence". IMO, this is a recipe for disaster. We are 10-5, but we must keep our foot on the pedal until the final whistle. That said, I am not an advocate of running up the score and rubbing it in your opponent's face, but we must continue to play hard right to the end.

Can we take first place on Saturday? Yes - provided we play hard and that AC is on his game.

Thread should be called can Winnipeg take first place from the Als.

Just a few facts....

If Winnipeg wins at home all it does is tie us with two games left
If Montreal wins we clinch first place
Als control their destiny here.

Winnipeg is 2-5 in their last seven games, Montreal is on a four game win streak.

Winnipeg's D is no different from other defenses in one way: if you test them deep and have success doing so, they will back off and start to give you the underneath stuff. No DB enjoys watching balls sail over his head for big gains. IMO establishing the deep ball is something we have to do early against the Bombers. Plant that seed of doubt in the first quarter, make them respect our ability to go over top. Bratton has been effective in this role in the past, London has shown on at least one occasion that he can make tough catches on deep routes (remember the circus catch on McPherson's throw?), and Watkins (sigh) is supposed to be our actual deep threat. Lastly, I'd like to see one of Richardson and Green mixed in on the occasional deep route, particularly on a hitch-and-go pattern with a Calvillo pump fake. If we can get Richardson or Green isolated running a deep route on a smaller Bomber DB, I like our chances of completing the pass if AC puts the ball where it needs to be.

One of the hallmarks of a great offensive mind is the ability to tailor your base offensive packages to attack specific enemy weaknesses. Trestman and Milanovich have shown this ability in the past. Against the Argos, for example, they understood that using Whitaker on the ground and in the air and running the short passing game were the keys to wearing down Toronto's defense. They employed a similar strategy against the Cats last week. Conversely, there have been times when they failed to make the proper adjustments -- i.e. when we get addicted to passing all the time, when we make AC look for deep ins and intermediate routes that take time to develop as the pocket is collapsing around him, when we don't run the ball imaginatively enough. I'm hoping that we get good Marc & Scott this week. :wink:

Their secondary is very good but they haven't been the same defense since they lost Lobo and Willis will be playing with a hyper extended knee and if he's smart a brace... They have Renaud or Boreham punting and Buck's arm is tired. If the Als play Alouette football. We can win this game.

Statistically, we're due for a loss, and Winnipeg is due for a win at home. But this has been such a crazy outlier year that playing the percentages is no guarantee...:wink:

I look at the Bombers right now and see a team (mentally) that is similar to some of the Als teams of the fairly recent past: good teams that started out blazing hot but had trouble sustaining momentum through an 18-game season. Key difference, though, is that Winnipeg's offense is subpar. Poor O-line, poor playcalling, and quarterbacks that can't stay healthy partly due to the poor O-line.

Check this out…

What I witnessed in Edmonton is this. EEs came out as a team and practiced as a team and played as a team. Great detail and preperation by that team to get ready to play the game. Winnipeg came out as a bunch of individuals The trainers had to practice up Buck which amounted to nothing more than warming up his shoulder and Mike Renaud was on the hot seat banging off 15 to 20 punts in 7 minutes. The trainers were also helping him with this activity. Denmark and another player or 2 helped but ... lots of individualism and almost no team chemistry was evident. LONG WAYS AWAY FROM THE TEAM THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO HONOR RH. Something has gone wrong here. What is it?

Hfx, where is that post from? Who posted it?

Interesting comment in any case...

Statistically, we're due for a loss, and Winnipeg is due for a win at home. But this has been such a crazy outlier year that playing the percentages is no guarantee...
True enough. Seven weeks ago would anyone have said the Lions would put together the run they are currently on?!

I know. Pretty amazing what they've achieved in BC, although I still feel that the Lions are not as good as this incredible win streak. (nor were they as bad as what they showed to start the season)

In any case, even if we go 1-2 to end the season, we would still finish with an 11-7 record -- only one fewer win than last season. Considering the parity in the league this year, and the ridiculous number of man-games lost on defense, that would be an accomplishment.

has made for an interesting season to say the least.

While I agree that AC has been a bit "off" hitting those deep routes
I'm not sure it's entirely a question of decreasing accuracy

The Alouettes are suffering from the inevitable blow-back from their recent obsession with larger receivers. Richardson, Green and London are great and obviously have the talent to contribute hugely in this league. But I feel I need once again to point out that most if not all teams provide various looks to opponents, using a number of receivers with different skill-sets. And one skill-set that's obviously missing is a receiver with blistering speed and quickness.

I've proposed the hypothesis that Calvillo has focused on Richardson and Green not only because his accuracy has faded over the years, but because their size and toughness have netted him all those yummy YAK yards. I'm not asserting the process was a conscious one. But you can't blame a QB for zeroing in on a receiver that can do what JRich did on the record breaking catch and run.
There have been casualties....however.

For the past 3 weeks a little dynamo by the name of Andrew Hawkins has been slowly integrating into the Cincinnati Bengals receiver corps. Several posters here declared the Hawk had lost speed after his last injury.
They used this as a justification for his exclusion from the team after Watkins returned prematurely from that dislocation last year. Obviously this analysis was entirely flawed. Apparently the Bengals agree.

For anyone who's having trouble remembering what it's like to have that kind of receiver....what he can bring in terms of speed, quickness and excitement I repost a link to a few Hawkins' Alouettes snippets:

[url=] ... acnjCq8r4Q[/url]

While I can't find and kick myself for not keeping...interviews with Ben Cahoon and Anthony Calvillo on the subject of his being open last year and how he was being ignored...I'm sure most of you can remember "Velcro-hands" and the increasing frustration he was experiencing in last year's offence. I clearly remember how Calvillo dismissed his claims as something "receivers always say". It was clear to me....and I'm sure to Ben...he may have got AC mostoftheway to his ultimate goal...but his services were no longer required. I dare say Cahoon could have gone another season or two...and would have stuck around if his "best friend" hadn't stuck one in his back over personal ambition...conscious or no. The Alouettes could use a non-import receiver with "golden hands" when teams are taking away the "jump-ball".

Kerry Watkins has been much maligned this season. I suspect he's seen the writing on the wall. You only have to think of Arland Bruce and the way he was ignored in he's completely turned the BC Lions around...and how those same Ticats have been treading water ever since...if you need a cautionary tale about the folly of ignoring and dumping a consistently talented and productive receiver. Is it a coincidence that Watkins had his best performance the 1st week after AC got the Big One? He may have had a couple drops (everybody does) But he made at least two "great" catches...and if...since the record has now fallen...AC will focus on ball distribution a bit more...Watkins will undoubtedly get into a rhythm again. This can only help the Alouettes down the stretch and could be the ultimate key to 3-peat.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm not blaming Calvillo for doing what comes naturally:
He's the purest pocket-passer in history.
Richardson, Green and such are inviting targets.
But success in this game is predicated on keeping the opposition guessing.
If you keep hammering at the same tune...not matter how mellifluous...
it eventually becomes background noise

Now that the records have all fallen it's time to focus on the Main Goal
We may have broken the "chain of succession" by losing someone like Hawkins
Just as we did when Chad Owens was dumped after Larry Taylor was lost to the NFL
But I hope AC continues to work on stretching the field with Bratton and Watkins
In the long run it'll open up the short and medium routes
And ultimately
The road to the Grey Cup!

Go Als!

Chip Cox wins the defensive player of the week for the 3rd time this season. well deserved.

Agreed, Senior, and a good post!

It has taken time for Watkins to start getting into the groove again after such a long layoff. While JRich and SJ can pull them down, a speedy receiver is also an invaluable asset. Ironically, one of the best plays Maypray did was a catch and run for a TD against Sask. That, too, was a record breaker! There was absolutely no doubt that once he had secured the ball, that no one was going to touch him. Maybe he wasn't playing at the right position...??? Maybe we have a few on our roster that can make that kind of difference.

This is also a fact...
...A Bomber win would give them the tie-breaker
ALSO....Bombers have two games left in the reg. schedule, after the Als......T.O. and Cal.
Als. have two games left ..................................Cal. and B.C.
I would rather be playing Argos at home than B.C. on their turf.....
Conclusion.....Als. better win on Sat. :wink:

That one play to Maypray was awesome...agreed
But one of the knocks on Maypray was the lack of lateral quickness
Deeks or jukes as they've somehow come to be called...
are an essential element to getting a receiver open on so many pass-routes
Something we've never seen from Maypray
And why I was so high on Hawkins
Speed is great
Speed + jukes....oh my

I was watching McPherson highlights from that Ticats game
The power of jukes has never been so evident
On one scrambling play McPherson went sideline 2 sideline
Then back again
In the process he put such a deek on one defender he quite obviously blew the guy's knee out
On another occasion he made such a great move Dunigan said, "that hurt my knee"

That's part of what's meant when people say Watkins is such a great route runner
Yes, part of it is the technical ability to run a number of routes to perfection
But another is simply the speed and "deek-ability" to get the defender leaning the wrong way and gain seperation
This is the element that big guys like Richardson, Green and London simply don't posses to the same degree.
One that's been sadly lacking this year
One that's stalled a large number of drives
Especially in the score-zone

Papa,whatever team wins get's the tie breaker, they play each other 3 times this season LOL !
Pressure is on the Bombers, they play at home and need to win to keep up or Als lock the division.
Not sure about the schedule. Winnipeg has not had any more success in Calgary than the Als in BC and keep in mind that BC may have locked up their division by week 19 and be resting most of their starters... Toronto :slight_smile:

Very true, Hfx; nothing is setlled yet and every permutation and combination is possible. It would be nice for the Als to settle the issue on Saturday, but to do that, they're going to have to come out like the dominant teams of the past and seal the deal! That is something they have struggled with down the stretch.

So, time to man up Als. Let's go!!

...of course we all know how the tie-breaker works :lol: Whichever team wins on Sat. will be at an advantage is all i'm saying.....Montreal wins....1st. is a lock...Bombers win i believe we will be in first place BECAUSE OF THE TIE-BREAKER ..
In any event it's going to be a barn-burner...Good Luck :wink: