Can we stop knocking Obie now?

Obie's doing a good job this off-season with the addition of: O.Coordinator Mike GIbson, D.Coordinator Greg Marshall, QB Coach Khari Jones, Re-signed P/K Nick Setta, Re-Signed LB Ray Mariuz, Signed LB Agustin Barrenechea, Signed LB Otis Floyd, Signed DL Alan Harper, Garrett McIntyre, Dennis Haley and Mike McFadden, Signed DE Brandon Guillory, Signed QB's Josh Betts, Erik Meyer and will have Kevin Glenn by tommorrow or saturday, Signed WR's Willie Quinnie and Johnie Morant and working on signing David Ball. We realeased Printers who was only ailing the team because of the pressure to start him because of his 500k contract and he would just end up letting us down by fumbling all the time, getting picked off and getting injured the majority of the time, Lumsden left us, we didn't leave him. Obie offered him a contract on several occasions but he just ignored them only to sign with Edmonton in February. I say good riddons, we can't rely 100% on someone who's always in the sick bay and he didn't like the idea of becoming #2 to Caulley or Keith. I think Obie's done enough so far for people to leave him alone, I see people constantly saying he's only making the team worse or he's not doing everything in his power to make this team better. FYI this isn't Madden 2009 where u can turn salary cap off and go ooh! he's good click, sign he's amazing i'll take him too click,sign.

Standings 2009

                W    L   T

Hamilton 0 0 0

Winnipeg 0 0 0

Montreal 0 0 0

Toronto 0 0 0

So far, so good for Obie.

If we stay in first place I'm sure the criticism will subside.

Alphabetically, we're in first place!

But what about the Zeke Moreno trade.

Kidding! Just had to say it before one of the other tool boxes said it.

I don't think there is much more he could have done so far.

Here's to hoping my off season optimism pays off in regular season victories this time around.

Go Cats!

Ummm, no, but thanks for asking. :wink:

If you guys think that OB is doing a good job I just want to remind you that the games are played between June and November not December to May so when he starts to win some ball games check back with me then and I’ll let you know whether he’s doing a good job or not.
Until then I’m from Missouri

Changing the first letter of the city was one of OB's biggest moves since moving to Zamilton.

we only tease him cus we LIKE him.........

If the Cats keep losing the Obie bashing wont be heard over the din of the Marcel B. and who's-ever-playing-QB bashing.

That is true, but the actual playing of the games is up to the players and the coaching staff. Obie's job is to supply the best talent available which gives the team the best chance to be successful. What happens between June and November is on Marcel and Co. to gameplay, prepare, develop and put in the best position to succeed.

In this football fans eyes, Obie has definitely done a good job this off-season. Spending the necessary money to land a non-import offensive tackle impacts the team, and it's use of the ratio, a great deal in a positive way. And getting some luck with landing a younger player like Brandon Guillory and maybe even Corey Mace are always nice. The type of luck the Ticats haven't had in recent years.

Let hope the CFL drafe continues the trend!

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Obie’s proven nothing yet. Every team looks good heading into training camp. Let’s see where the Cats are at after 9 regular-season games before we praise his off-season work.

lol thanks. It looks like Obie's got it going on this year. I like his moves so far. :thup: On the other hand it's our job as fans to be critical so keep up the good work

Great! :thup:

Ummm.. like mentioned above obie's job is to bring in the talent which hes' done, not coach the team to victory. so.. i'm not exactly getting what wins have to do with him doing his job. his job is to bring in good players to up the chances of winning which he's done a good job of this off season. it's up to Marcel to get the ball rollin.

If fans quit bashing TiCat Operations staff this site might denigrate to constant bashing of each other. If that's what you're into just got an upgrade and must be looking for new antagonists.

Actually there was no new upgrade. The site is still humming along.
Best part is there's lots of actual football talk and almost no smug, boring sermons by arthritic dilletantes on irrelevent what -not.

I like the moves so far. However, we still need some more competition on O & D Line and another quality Canadian receiver. I trust those holes will be filled before training camp. If you will recall Obie promised during a recent interview that he would find the next " Cameron Wake " so we can kick some butt.

I like that kind of forward thinking.............

"This new software gives us everything we need to improve the experience here at , enjoy the new site!!!

new software...improve...sounds like an upgrade to me.

Sadly, it appears the attitude of certain infamous antagonists didn't improve along with it.

Nor did the sanctimony, hypocrisy change for some over here.

Why he is won as a Grey cup Yet .. Till he dose he needs to knocked ever so offen
He made ton of Mistakes the Zeke deal was just the hardest one to handle.
Until I see a grey cup He has done nothing ..