Can we still make the playoffs??

Are we mathematically out of the playoffs or can we still make it. I guess if T.O wins tonight we'd be out?? :x

Gawd no!

We definately are not mathamatically out. Propably realistically. We could still end up 12 and 6. Right now it looks like we may go something like 5 and 13. I don't think that will get us in.

Ultimately we will have to get on some kind of a roll where we are playing solid, and hope that we can end up ahead of both Toronto, and Saskatchewan. Currently we are only a few wins behind both these teams, so this is certainly not an impossible task. Just feels that way.

But remeber this is football, anything can and DOES happen!

Mathematically in but realistically we are out. If we make it I will happily eat crow on that one...

There is zero chemistry on this squad and other then Lancaster, subpar coaching.

We have the talent but other then Lancaster we do not have the proper leadership.

We are still 1 game out of a playoff spot thanks to the Argo loss. Keep in mind that as of now, we are still in striking distance of a west crossover as well.

I think 9-9 is the minimum to expect to get in the playoffs in either scenario. That means going 8-3 the rest of the way. Is that in this group? The way we played Friday, no.

The Friday game in Winnipeg will make or break things in my opinion. We must start establishing momentum with games versus the Argos in the coming weeks.

Oski Wee Wee,

Based on the current standings, a sub .500 team would make it into the playoffs in both the East and the West.

Currently it looks like Montreal and Winnipeg are the class of the East, and the West is almost a toss up, although BC appears to be a little above the rest. Unless something changes, we are really in a two team battle with Toronto, and must hope that one team in the West will fall off.

It will probably take a 8-10, but it may only take a 7-11 record to make it in.

That means we need to go either 7-4 or 6-5 the rest of the way. Certainly not impossible, but we really do have to get on a roll.