Can we start calling our Concessions "Elite" yet?

I mean they haven't served me a cold hotdog since pre-season.

I've been thinking we need a new cheer for the cocessions!

Oskee wee wee,
Oskee wah wah,
Holy Mackinaw,
Hot dogs... not always still raw!

Going on 8 consecutive games of serving 300 people per concession at halftime. That's elite.

What’s the record?

Personally, I think we should give the backup concession company a shot at it.

Good stuff. New member joins, takes less than 20 minutes to post his first smart-aleck comment. You'll fit in well here!

Yeah, but a clever shot, and one that shows he or she has been been following the forum.

Haven't bought food from concessions since the stipley opened up.

I can't even find hotdogs. I know where to get poutine though. Stood in line at a concession for 10 minutes only to be told they don't sell hotdogs.

Concessions are just too inconsistent.

how many hot dog do they drop every game. Is there successful sales dance any good.