Can we start a Petition?

Anyone interested in starting a petition we can send to the CFL brass requesting automatic reviews of all endzone plays?

Or any other suggestions...?

We all know the CFL ref's are doing the best they can but that often isn't good enough. The officiating or lack off is ruining the game for me. So many calls are just a crap shoot.


Im interested!

I think its a must!

I agree.

Im in. We need a change to help the league to move forward, and to help the refs call far games.

I'd even go as far as all possible scoring plays and all possible turnovers. There's a time out after these plays, so the review wouldn't slow the game down either.

Can we use our screen names or do we have to go legit?

I'm in....and I don't care how long it takes ....if it's a questionable scoring play...then it should be reviewed. And test these refs weekly...I venture to say some of them don't know the rule book as well as some fans do....and that's pretty poor!!!

quite right Snocross..
I'm in favor of command center reviews on possible TD calls and/or crucial calls.
There is much at stake, and a just decision should be made JUSTLY.

Refs make mistakes. All the time.

And yes, refs can and do lose games for teams
To say otherwise, is pure ignorance.

Count me in for sure.To many critical bad calls have cost us and other teams valuble points,we can't afford to have decisions in million dollar football games destroyed by complacent refs and on top of that it gets us deeply angry when we know we got ripped off. :expressionless:

The NFL reviews all touchdowns. We should go one step further and review all questionable endzone plays. If the officials’ job is to get the call right, then endzone reviews are a “no brainer”. The technology is there, so use it. Otherwise, most of the fans will be shouting the famous Vince Lombardi line.“WHAT THE HELL’s GOING ON OUT THERE?” :lol:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I'm in as well, although I'm not sure it would be necessary to review every touchdown or score.

If the play is questionable, by all means, review it.

Poor officiating definitely cost Hamilton a win in Montreal. I had the impression that the

officials wanted the Als to win, perhaps to keep the crowd appeased. Disgusting!

I agree it was a bad call on the TD. But I am moving on, looking forward to the next game and the playoffs.

An e-mail to Tom Higgins (Director of Officiating) can be sent by those upset about the officiating. Officials are trained and evaluated by the Director.

By law of averages, the Cats will most likely get some good calls coming their way the next couple of games, so it will eventually even out.

Go Cats!

Count me in!