Can we replace Mudge?

This guy is playing out of position, but he's really awful this year. I can't take another of his penalties! He's being pushed around and beaten almost every play.

Brutal, absolutey brutal.

Put him back at right tackle or staple him to the bench.

Didn't Val St. Germain just get cut recently? We should pick him up. He can't possibly be worse than Mudge. THREE procedure calls in one half of football. THREE. This guy is a former all-star.

Put Perrett & Seagraves at left (blind side of Calvillo), Chiu as Center (or Archer like last game), then you have 4 other guys left:

Lambert, Flory, Mudge, Fritz for right tackle & guard.

You take the 2 best & dress another 1 as a replacement/rotation and bench 1. Simple enough !

No need of St-Germain.

I agree. Put Mudge back where he belongs at right tackle for one game. If he still does not do the job, then cut him. Seagraves would be a much better left tackle. I think Perrett is at least as good as Fritz. With more practice and experience, he will be better. Changes are needed on the O line. I think that (starting from the left)Seagraves, Lambert, Chiu, Flory and Perrett is our best chance right now.

Oh, and let us not forget; fire Bellefeuille!!!!

its all fine and dandy that you all express your opionions and bang on dave and you all are arm chair qb's and coaches

why don't you go and tell that on bryan chiu's forums
I guarantee from what I have read he would fire back at some of you guys or answer your questions on either ask a question but its the forum is where he really tells it like it is
plus most of the other players are viewing what is read
so its great that we all yap and complain to one another
tell it the pros and get the goods straight from them

so there it is

No matter how bad an individual plays hes not going to rag on the guy that stands only a few feet away from him on every play and if he does then the tema has even bigger problems. I guarantee that if we posted this in chiu's forum these are the things that will almost assuredly be in chiu's post:

-we need to get more consistent as an offensive unit
-we need to get better as a line
-were getting better each game
-it is not one individuals fault we succeed or fail as a group
-he is playing an unfamiliar position and given the circumstances has done well
-he is a veteran and knows what it takes to win and will step up his game once he gets used to his new position

It is extremely rare to see a pro athlete "tell it like it is" and the few that do get labeled as hot heads or disruptions so I very much doubt chiu would actually tell it like it is

According to Vercheval, looks like Mudge is about to be released by the Als. Class guy who can still be a depth guy on some rosters.

Well, given his performance this year, can't say as I am surprised.

So we have Chiu, Flory, Lambert, Seagraves, and Fritz as our starting line, with Perrett and Archer as backups. Not great, but better than before. I still think they forced Okeke to retire unnecessarily, and only because they wanted an all-Canadian line, not because someone else beat him for the job.

True, you wonder now about making Okeke retire. If Mudge is well and truly gone, the next guy on the bubble is Fritz.

I agree, although he did play better when he was moved to his natural side. I guess with all the lineman they have, he is going to be a victim of the numbers game.

They have Bourke too that they really like

Looks like Flory is injured and Fritz will take his spot. So it looks like Mudge might survive the SMS adjustment deadline.

Fritz playing in place of Flory? God help us.

I'll tell ya boys, Mudgey played the same way for the Bombers... I don't think we were too broken up to see him go. The thing is now he's on a rival team and doing damage there, so he's actually better for Winnipeg as a player than when he was in the Blue 'n' Gold jersey.