Can we please

Quinlans' loss could be Troy Smith's gain.
I have high hopes for Smith and feel the Als future is secured if he remains steadfastly committed to learning the ropes.

yes, Quinlan may have squandered a great opportunity.

If Neiswander is so bad, doesn't it reflect poorly on Trestman, who kept him for two seasons on the roster, and Popp, for signing Neiswander in the first place?

You can’t tell how a rookie QB is going to perform until he gets serious game time. It’s a gamble from the start - most rookies fail, a minority make it. You can’t blame Popp or Trestman for how Neiswander’s opportunity is unfolding. Not to mention, the Als needed dedicated backups for AC, with little chance of actually starting, and Neiswander was giving the team what they needed.

That being said, Neiswander would have fared much better under Trestman than he is under Berry. Both he and Marsh are holding on to the ball way too long. Trestman would have addressed that with the playbook.

I agree that you can't tell how a rookie QB performs until he's in the game. But people seem to be knocking Neiswander's arm strength. I've heard it come up a few times now. Supposedly he doesn't even have a "Div II" arm. And so I ask: if that's true, why aren't we holding the coaches and GM accountable? Arm strength is something that should be evident from the first time a QB practices (see Smith for all the oohs and ahs about arm strength in practice). If Neiswander has a noodle arm, why is he in the middle of his third year with the Alouettes? We couldn't find someone with a stronger arm to hold a clipboard?

People have been screaming for Calvillo to make way for a young QB, and now that it's happening, we're suddenly writing Neiswander off because he can't throw? I don't like it, and I don't buy it.

I think I need to change my attitude about this team. Look at Popp and the daily buildup videos. All smiles, like he just got pu... 5 minutes before. Easy going just like that receiver who slowed down running his route. Who cares. It doesn't matter. Doesn't look serious so why should we care. Who cares that Josh threw a 360 degree "spiral" to SJ for 1 touchdown and threw one way behind to London for another. But boy are those interceptions beautiful spirals that hit the mark perfectly.

Congrats to Josh Neiswander. He more than made up for that BC game. To bad the other teammates weren't disciplined and others made mistakes. Excellent pass to Duron who can play. TSN's impressed. Maybe what we are seeing is reaction to the Quinton Porter release and Kuale, who basically put us 1 game up on the Eskimos. Plus the fact the HC and Berry Miller are terrible at their jobs.

He definitely looked much more comfortable and made good decisions. He bailed and threw the ball away when appropriate and stood in the pocket, willing to take the hit to make the throw.

Could you clarify what you mean by the effects related to Porter and Kuale?

It easy to forget sitting on your couch that the team flew across the the country and really had one day to prepare for this game. I would give 50% of this loss to scheduling.

Having said that, with Tanner and Anthony gone for the season, what possible reason would you hold back Troy? If your going to get a feel for the Canadian game, better to do it now in a losing season that the start of next year, I would image that Troy was enough self confidents to shake off any hiccups that happen the rest of the games this year.

Carrier goes east/ west when he doesn't have a lane, and some how thinks that this is like college ball, and the opposing team will not keep to there lanes. This is professional ball and it happens rarely. If I where his coach I would simply tell him,
don't try and do to much and the first time you do not go aggressively north / south you sit.

Nice post Dave. They played really hard. I enjoyed the game. As for Popp's demeanor. He's trying to keep his guys loose. He knows for the most parts the players are victims this year of circumstances and injuries. Why turn the place into a house of horror ? So they want to leave too ...

The way I see it is if your not winning. Are you building ? Edem, Klassen, Carter, Matte, Ola, Lavarias. A lot of these kids are going to be top notch producers for many years. We need to look at the offense in the off season at QB, RB and Receiver position as well as our punting situation which has just gotten so poor. I've seen CIS punters do better than Whyte. The ball is in the hand of the returner so quick that the cover team hasn't even had a chance to beat their first block yet.

How are you supposed to watch football, standing up? Stop making excuses and start offering solutions. Carrier had one bad play and made many good plays. Does he drop one every game like Divine and Sutton do? As for Porter, Popp gave him a three year contract. That means he’s good enough. Why isn’t he here? Popp makes great moves as GM, bringing in Duron Carter, etc. Boy did he screw up with Hawkins, Miller and Berry. Look at the play calling against Toronto with 1 minute left in the redzone. 3 garbage plays that amounted to a loss. Arland Bruce is not getting the ball anymore except for that shitty running play Miller brought in. You pass to him, you win. I see all this from my couch and maybe Popp should get off the field.

A three year deal only means the Alouettes get to keep him for three years if they want to each season, no more no less.

The lack of a stampede to sign him despite the number of QB injuries this season speaks volumes to me.

Bellefeuille chose Boltus over him...

It was set Calvillo no:1, Porter backup. Porter better than Adrien McPherson and has lots of experience. We should not even be discussing QB's or his departure but we are since he was cut. Funny is we're playing Hamilton and Edmonton down the stretch. As for Calvillo being done (not talking about the concussion), how do you go from being one of the top QB one year and then worst the next. An aging hockey forward scores less and less each year and then career comes to an end. Is Dan Hawkin's still entitled to all his money for the three years and they can't make any moves because of it?