Can we please

have a new head coach and new offensive coordinator. Dan Hawkins, 2-3. Popp, 2-4. Miller/Berry, 4-7. Is Lapolice any good? He's a pretty good analyst on TSN. This Alan Bruce running play we've seen from the beginning of the year gets me on my nerves. We need 2 yards and we got to kick it away. We need 1 yard and the quarterback is in shotgun mode. We need to clean house and start over right now. If Popp is riding out the season without making any changes then the fans should stay home and avoid Percival Molson stadium. Everyone knows what wrong with the Alouettes. THE OFFENCE. Calvillo can't win with it, the backups can't win with it. GET RID OF IT!

Yeah, they'll just walk on over to the "Football Dealership" and buy a new one :lol:

IS Marc Trestman the greatest coach ever? I watched a great Viking - Bears game, then followed it by one of the most horrible CFL game in recent history, Alouettes - Lions.

You know we split the series with the Lions.

You know we have the same problems today as with the beginning of the season.

Cheer up its only football.

Right, because that win sure was a solid one and not a fluke at all, not made possible by an improbable Hail Mary to the worst receiver on our team who, for one game, played like he deserved the roster spot he's had for the past five years. Nothing says "team on the right track" like turning the ball over six times in one game and only winning on the most low-percentage play in football...

You really have to rub it in don't you disciplineandpunish! It isn't bad enough that the Lions handed the Als two points on a silver platter, it's how it was done.
I'm so desperately trying to forget that game! lol

LOL, not rubbing it in at all, friend. In fact, the fact that we won on a fluke proves that the Lions are a better team than that fluke loss. Look at what happened in the rematch -- we got annihilated from start to finish. Once Stubler had a chance to get film on Marsh, it was curtains...

Have you ever seen this much interceptions? At least with Calvillo, he would hold on to the ball but it would still be a 2 and out. I believe Mike Reilly deserves better than a 2-8 record and I see them surpassing the ALs because of it. I don’t wish it.
Do you think Popp bringing in the new receivers is gonna fix this?

Non. Rien ne corrigera l'incompétence des entraîneurs de l'attaque.

Popp said Troy Smith still needs to learn the system. What system? We have a good working system?

You a fan or a mole ? Look this team is struggling. Don't puss. out. 15 years of winning football and the first time the team is really struggling some people show up here who have never posted a damn thing in 10 years. I don't like pu...

I watched Sonny Wade, Joe Barnes, Gerry Datillio, etc. Have you watched Jamel and SJ how slow and slumbering they have become? No problem, Popp the greatest GM got great replacements. So when are we going to get a proper OC? Miller OC but Berry’s in charge of the offense. WTF is that? A hybrid of the Dan Hawkins era and Jim Popp?

And you are entitled to judge other posters as fans ... how exactly? Let's stick to talking football and leave the personal insults at the door...

I asked if he was a fan or a mole. He answered...All good.

Mike Reilly completes the comeback. Tim Burke is a bad HC. He plays it safe just like his first start by not kicking a field goal. I can’t believe what he did with 22 seconds left. He was a great DC for us and Winnipeg, I believe.

He has no offense. They have six scores in 12 games. What's really sad is they got their only win of the season against Dan Hawkins.

Bombers only won against Dan Hawkins? Didn't know he was coaching Saskatchewan in the Banjo Bowl. Seriously, though, with Neiswander at QB, there is no way Montreal will beat Hamilton. His passes against the Lions were not indicative of an inexperienced quarterback. They were indicative of a bad one. His accuracy isn't anywhere near a professional level

He's the team's #3 Quarterback so it is to be expected and he's going up against a future HOF quarterback. You don't have to be Einstein to know the Als are huge underdogs. I am not a fan of his as a QB, he's a very nice young man but he barely has a Div 2 arm. But the team has to keep fighting. They have to win some games to keep Edmonton from taking their spot and hope injured players return by the end of the season. This team currently has 16 players injured, its starting QB, RB, LG, RG top receiver and one of its two best players on defense.

I can't stop thinking of the opportunity Kyle Quinlan threw away...