Can we lay off the refs?

I don't post on here very often, but I like to read other fans' opinions, and it seems a lot of people are complaining about the reffing more and more often. I think that we should all realize that calls are missed in every sport, at every level, and for each call that is missed (or precieved as missed) there are countless plays that are left on the field (or ice, depending on your game) by each team that could just as easily decide a game's outcome.Games are not won or lost by a single play, or a single call, no matter how late in the game they may occur. If you don't like the officiating then perhaps you could switch to watching "sports" that have an outcome decided by judges. I'll admit, the refs in the CFL are probably not NFL caliber, but that's all we have, and my friends and I still have an great time enjoying games. If you think that this is more serious than me that is fine, I am just trying to convince everyone to quit slamming our unique brand of football, and start enjoying it! :expressionless:

It is always tough when calls are made, or not made, in a criticial point of the game. For that, refs will always catch hell one way or another. I don't think it is about them getting blasted about one call or another, it is the lack of consistency that leaves players, coaches and fans to wonder what will/should be called and what will not/should not be called. I don't know if it is lack of communication between the crews or different interpretation of certain rules?

For me, I would just like to see consistency. Obviously it will never be perfect as you can not expect every ref to make the same judgement on any given call. They are not clones or robots so every individual has a slightly different view on what may be a penalty or not. Having said that, they have been all over the place this year, showing very little consistency IMO.

I think I can speak for the majority when I say we love the CFL, we love how it is unique and the fans for every team are very passionate and we understand refs make mistakes because they are human but this year seems to be a "difficult" year for the refs and sometimes it can be hard to enjoy games. I hope the crews do everything they can to try and improve and strive to be the best they can be which I would like to think they do. You are right though, this is what we have so we just have to go with it :thup:

If we can't rip on the refs, then what the hell are we supposed to talk about for the rest of the week...? ... Expansion?

Exactly. If we didn't complain they wouldn't have any reason to try and improve.

You can lay off the refs, if you want to.

I will do whatever it is that I do. :cowboy:

As for the rest of the folks on CFL forums . . . they are grown-ups (I think) and they will make their choice too.

Where was this post after the Calgary-riders game? Interesting timing...

So it's ok to bitch when a call is against you but not ok for others when it's in for your team??

Say what you want about CFL refs. I think they do a pretty damn good job. Keep in mind that the budget for officiating training is much less than the NFL. I don’t know if any of you have been watching the MLB playoffs? But the umps in the MLB playoffs are making the CFL refs look like perfection.

Every official in every league in every sport I've ever been involved with has been awful. And everyone I talk to that follows those same sports agrees with me.

I think it's like a universal constant or something.

Trust me, no CFL official in his right mind would read the BS that gets posted here concerning their work. Their dedication to improve is based on their love of the game and their sense of pride in what they do....simple as that.

IMO CFL officials are better than they have ever been…

The difference is that TSN has better coverage with more cameras and isolation shots and better camera-work which allows us to actually catch the mistakes. Not too long ago, the replays for most questionable calls were blurry shots at a bad camera angle. I think they do a remarkably good job.

No zebras, no CFL.

Interesting point - I think there is probably some truth to the comment re better TV coverage.

Overall, I can't say I agree the officials are better than they've ever been. I think they're just the same, but there are three big differences I see this year. First, it has been a strange year in that there have been a lot of blown calls/non-calls that changed the outcome of a game (I think there were just as many, if not more, errors in the past but they didn't occur in games where the outcome was in the balance). The second difference is video review has been a big success in reducing on-field errors; in the past we would have been left screaming at the TV and throwing stuff but now at least some of those bad calls get fixed. The last difference I see is that the league has committed to improving officiating and those results will to pay off in the long run.

If we layoff the refs, who is going to officiate the games?... :wink: :lol: :lol:

I agree.

Also we now have people sitting in their homes with their 50" HD TVs watching that better coverage not to mention fans at the games watching replays on the big Jumbotrons found at every stadium.

We could bring in replacements. I hear that worked well for the NBA. :wink:

Didn't you hear the NBA refs are criminals, they all bet on games they ref!!!


The CFL could hire the armchair refs that inhabit these boards…they never make mistakes!

Yeah, its true. MLB umpires have been pathetic. Compared to that farce, the CFL does fairly well.

I thought the "Arm Chair Refs" have sent their applications into Tom Higgins already! :wink: :wink: