Can We Keep the Fighting On the Field?

I Couldn't agree more come here and see 55 threads on the new stadium, and it makes you want to shut down the browser... I'm so tired of all the cement head arguing back and forth about things not a single one of the arguers have ANY control over. It used to be a fun place to visit... now I browse 7 other CFL team forums for some interesting football talk.. lord knows there is none of that going on here these days!!!


Interesting bg, for me it'll be the opposite as I'll have to spend more time driving or taking transit to the games. No one is going to get me to get off the TigerCat train just because the stadium isn't in Hamilton 'proper'. That would be like me growing up in London where I followed the Knights and was a big fan, but the arena wasn't in London 'proper' but was on the other side of the 401. Never entered my mindset, nor anyone's I don't believe. Sure, London ended up building a nice downtown arena but it didn't have to in reality, the fans were there all the time and so a downtown arena made sense. But are the TigerCats fans here all the time? That is a good question. Ah I guess you could still very well be a great TigerCat fan but just not have the time to be able to get to the games if it takes longer to get to them, fair enough. :wink:

London Gardens wasn’t considered London-proper?
I see it a bit differently because when I was going to Western, going to see the Knights play way down there was out of the question. I went there during the low-point in Knights history, but many of us still wanted to go to the games – but it seemed like a daunting, logistical commitment for auto-less students to get all the way down to the highway. (However, because of that, we discovered Canada’s best kept secret – university hockey.)

I think if I were going to school in London these days, we’d be at the JLC often. I could totally see going to the Knights game, then heading over to Richmond Row after the game.

Benefit of a city-cetre location, I guess.

Well slo, I grew up in London and going to a Knights game was “big”, we didn’t care as kids where it was as my Dad liked going to the games so he drove.

But no question, and London is a different animal than Hamilton on so many fronts, geography, politics etc. they got it right with the JLC, darn right, the perfect stadium for the right league and did it for the right location, absolutely, huge success story there. Going to a Knights game is like going to an NHL game on a smaller scale, and hopefully Hamilton can duplicate this here with the new stadium, albeit IWS works exactly like that for me now compared with say going to an NFL game in Buffalo especially when IWS is packed or close to packed.

Man, I totally have to check out a Knights game -- haven't been to one since the JLC was built. Looks amazing. Everyone raves about that place. I loved going to the old Gardens, though. Other than Windsor, not many places rocked like that. Tight building, low ceilings. That was a sweet place to see a game.

Well the Gardens has, er had, a certain appeal to it no question just like JW Little Memorial stadium with the rickety rackety wooden benches on not so sturdy steel girders, Homecoming Games when the place was packed had a great feel. But the TD Waterhouse is a nice facility, been to a couple games there but never when it's been close to packed.

You have to check out JLC, much nicer than Copps IMHO and tighter mind you it's been so long since I've went to Copps when there has been a decent crowd, that much I'll admit. I was lucky enough as my brother was the scorekeeper for the Knights and took me around the building and sat in the press box before the game.

There is football talk here, it just takes some work to find it. I guess it'll take 5 more stadium threads before the mods decide maybe they should merge them or something. Where's Russ to get all this mess organized? lol

Well, there are two things to keep in mind.

  1. The stadium issue is a very serious one. This is about the future of the team, and whether or not it'll have much of a future. This matters more than the usual debates, like who should start at QB. You hear some say who they think will be the QB of the future for this team in those debates, but will the team have a future? But I actually do miss the debates between the Glenninists and Porter's Supporters.

  2. It is still the off-season. Training camp hasn't opened yet. We'll be discussing what happens on the field when things happen on the field. Until then, there will be talk about where the field should be.

And I also miss Russ. :slight_smile:

Why must the talk continue? I havent paid any attention to it but you'd think in the 10 million posts you all would have exhausted every possible inch of southern ontario by now. Time to let it die already lol.

If you haven't paid any attention why on earth would it bother you :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Because there is a bazillion stadium threads clogging up this forum.


Nobody is forcing you to read a word and it does not in any way limit the football threads. Don't see a problem. The thread titles easily identify what you need to avoid. I personally avoid the player personnel threads in the offseason. IMO they are a waste of time. You disagree, no problem. Can't wait to talk about actual games