Can We Keep the Fighting On the Field?

Guys..... LET IT GO!

You disagree. You now seem to (at minimum) dislike each other. Who am I speaking to? Every single person who has taken sides and who now - after many days of discussion -have emotions and mixed agendas helping to compose their words. Sides on what? Pick the non-on-field topic thread related to the stadium.

The site is becoming a minefield for readers. I'm starting to avoid it. Tell you what... get angry at me. Get upset with my self-righteous and sanctimonious statements in this thread and with my deformed personality that causes me to want to avoid important issues. I'll take it and I won't eved argue back on this one.

I like the community on this site- it took almost two years to restore it after the last series of problems among posters. Maybe we are more serious these days (I miss some of the lighthearted fun we used to have) but we got back to civility and football analysis.

Now we're calling out each other and challenging each other all over the place. Yell at me.... please.... let everyone else have their opinion, posting style, and whatever else for a while (wrong or otherwise :oops: ). We need a peace break here.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Maybe everyone can use PMs to critique others' writing styles, that would be helpful if you must do this...or to request for more evidence or a link

while i agree with you ...
you do realise your talking to hamiltonians ... they'll be arguing about this for many years yet lol

Oh btw .. no fighting on the field .. what do ya think this is a hockey team or something

red24: Jeez..I wonder which poster you could be referring to? :slight_smile:

One of the things about this forum is that is is rarely moderated.

So occasionally when people like you and I see things we don't like ( insults, topics complaints etc) we will mention it. Inevitably that sets off a flurry of more protests and indignation.
I have appealed to the moderator for more direction on some of the ugly things that has happened recently but there has been no response.
So, with the wide variety of characters on this forum, for good or ill it looks like what you see here on this forum is what you are going to you get.

What the hay is that supposed to mean?? I take offense to that remark. :lol:

Mark, you wouldn’t be advocating physical violence by our players on the field with this thread, would you? :wink:
If so, I vote for beating up Belli first. :lol:

I've never known a Hamiltonian to give up their stance on anything ... no matter what whether its about this issue or about what color bubble gum is the best.. Take it as you will but thats how it is there and thats why there will never be consensus on things in Hamilton too many strong willed people with an open opinion ... it's also part of why a lot of planned projects in Hamilton never get off the ground .. and why i am where i am laughing my a** off to the bank

Ah my friend.... people can change, attitudes can change (why else would we be posting?), new perspectives can be introduced. Red's reminder about the PM function is an excellent suggestion. Yes it's a bit more bother (and I can be lazier than the next person :frowning: ) but it prevents the visible flame wars that occur when people respond defensively.

P.S. B'girl.... I'm really conflicted right now. There's this little angel sitting on my shoulder that's simply shocked by what you suggested. On the other shoulder, there's this other little guy in red who's...

Belli, huh? Hmmmm......

I am not or will ever be from Hamilton ....I am Proud Burlington Native. :thup:
There Nothing Wrong with Living or being From Hamilton..
I just like Quiet Cities like Burlington where it peacefull

Tom: Are you trying to start another fight here???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't worry Mr62, Burlingting is just a part of Hamilton anyway so he's actually a Hamiltonian. :lol:

hear, hear!

Actually, I have no idea who I was referring to, I don't read those posts carefully, just scan over them.

That’s okay. Most days I get the feeling that none of us knows what he/she is referring to. :smiley:

Just avoid stadium threads like i do. What's silly is these stupid discussions will never stop even when training camp and the season starts, these threads will still dominate here, which proves the majority of posters here have more passion for this political jibberish than they do football. Even if there's a strike the stadium threads will still get all the attention.

Or block the posters that annoy you the most.

red24: PM sent earlier today.

red24: Jeez..I wonder which poster you could be referring to? :slight_smile:
Actually, I have no idea who I was referring to, I don't read those posts carefully, just scan over them.
That's okay. Most days I get the feeling that none of us knows what he/she is referring to. :smiley:
Mark: actually that stuff is child's play compared to the past two days on the "Can't say no to west harbour" thread.
Even I cringed a few times.

I stay out of the stadium threads for the most part since I have no control over the location. All I know is that if isn't in Hamilton I'll have a lot more free time on my hands from Juneish to Novemberish.

Someone tell BG we have something in common. :wink:

T'is a timely thread, Mark. Wise words as always.

Of course, TiCat fans are always the orneriest nearest the end of the off-season. It's like a grizzly bear coming out of hibernation. Considering the record of the past ten years it is a small blessing we are amicable in the least. Here's to better times ahead.

That being said, if Mayor Fred gets his way this will all be a moot point as I'm sure not many of us will be traveling to Moncton for home games.