Can we get this done??

Everyone I have been talking are saying that the Alouettes will choke. Saying that Ricky Ray this, Calvillo that....I personally thing that the Alouettes will get it done. Trestman will pump his boy to the max, and the BIG O will be rocking! Who cares if we lost both games. We smoked Edmonton 40-4 with our full team. Sure they smoked us but we showed them nothing. When they pop in the tape they will have nothing to study. All we have to do is rush Ray and hit him hard. If we don't do that, yes the Eskimos will probably take this.

I want Alouette fans honest opinions here, and explain what we need to do to win. Anyone who has stupid things to say don't bother writing here thanks.

Right now the score is: Als:0, Esks:0 with 60 minutes left to play. Anything can happen. Of course the Als can pull this one off, just get back to what they were doing a month ago or so: short and quick passing game and a good balance between runninig and passing, keeping the offense on the field (or the defense out of it for that matter) as long as possible. Just look at the Riders, it seemed to me they were always trying for the long play, that left very little margin of error for Bishop. I can't make it to this game but I am not expecting to go to an Esk - Stamps game on the 23rd.

We will need to re-establish our running game 1st, if our passing game is to succeed.
Also' on third and one's inside their 20 yard line, go for it, we will need touch-downs (6 pts!) in lieu of a measely FG (3 pts) and giving back the ball.
The game will be won by our defensive line, no pressure allows easy pass completions.
Go Als Go!

Also lets hope the DC has found a good scheme against those 2nd and long that have been killing us in the last couple of games.

Hear hear on that!

Now how's this for an idea.

Our first play from scrimmage in the game, say we start on our own 35 or thereabouts. On first down, throw a long bomb to Eric Deslauriers.

You just know that is the LAST thing the Eskimos would expect !!!!

Yeah for good reason LOL!

Can we get this done? Sure we can. Will we get this done? Unclear, very unclear.

We need to control the clock and keep Ricky Ray off the field. This means no long, grueling drives that leave Calvillo & co. twiddling their thumbs on the sidelines. It also means that the D has to man up if the offense has a two-and-out early on, get that stop so the offense can get right back on the field and get another chance to move the football.

The other thing is special teams coverage, which has been horrid for us all year long. We need to at least break even on the field-position battle. We can’t be letting Edmonton rip off 30 or 40-yard gains on each kick, especially since our blocking schemes are so weak that Larry Taylor usually has three enemy jerseys in his face the moment he catches the ball. And Duval HAS to nail everything from inside 45 yards. We’re in a dome, wind will not be a factor, NO EXCUSES. If he can’t be a clutch player in a controlled environment, there is no reason to keep him around and thereby waste an import slot at the kicker position.

I think that with AC and If Colbourne gets needs blocking we should get enough offense to win. My bad dream would be a reality if Ricky Ray has a good day with short and medium passes. If the Als offence has more time on the field than does our defence we will win.

I think that the game is going to be close but the Als will come out on top. Montreal needs to control the clock with long sustained drives and keep Ray off the field.

On a positive note, the mainstream media seems to have finally caught on to how shoddy our defense has been in the back half of the season. Burke has addressed it, so has Estelle and Sanchez, who said that playing bump-and-run coverage and giving Ray different looks are key to disrupting his timing. At least they recognize what they have to do. Now hopefully they'll go out there and do it. On Saturday, I don't want to see the Vanilla Surprise schemes we've been seeing the past few weeks. I want mixed coverage, different looks, blitzing from different sides with different players, and disguised man/zone combo coverages that force Ray into seeing something that's not there. I want the RB accounted for as a checkdown option, not free to ramble for 15 yards untouched because we dropped everyone back on second down. And most importantly, I want quick stops. None of this 'let Ray drive down the field for 5 minutes while keeping Calvillo on the sidelines" crap. Let's get some timely stops, get off the field, and give Calvillo and co. the chance to score points early and often.