Can we get Bob on Jim Rome?

I'm not a listener to him... too brash and his opinionated schtick gets to me (Bob McCowan does it right- Rome always sounds to me like someone who has had too many beers).

Anyway- can you imagine Bob's mild manner AND a discussion of the CFL on Rome? Maybe the 'forbidden chant' gang could get Rome interested.

I'm really interested as to what would come of THAT meeting.

Hmmm...Rome chanting the forbidden chant, over and over and over, until Bob finally wigs out, flips over the table, and starts throttling him. It'd be good TV.

I am not sure if Snagger knows what the CFL is!

WAR The ____s losing the Grey Cup on home turf!

  • paul

Rome hates the CFL and knocks it every chance he gets

Rome is an idiot, hence the incident.

Crash is correct - Rome doesn't consider the CFL to be professional sports.

Pseudo - incident?

Maybe he could interview Dave Dickenson and keep calling him 'angie' till he snaps and flips the table, that I would watch!

He Said the AFL was better Football.
Rome is The Typical American Knocking anything that not Red White and Blue.

Jim Rome vs. Jim "Don't call me Chris" Everett

THAT incident!

  • paul

on chml. i can't listen to the guy. i've never heard him talk about anything canadian. just his arrogant voice makes me turn the dial.

Yep - he talks like a punk and he grates on my nerves... click, off goes CHML for the day.

I’m with you guys. Jim Rome is full of himself along with opinions that don’t interest me in the least.

I started boycotting him about 2 years ago.

Canadian Radio should also boycott him!