Can we finally talk?

About the inability of this coaching staff to get the team ready for a game?

In-game adjustments A+

Game planning T (for those of you who don't read Harry Potter, T stands for Troll, as in dumb as)

game preperation has been a bit of a sore spot all year.

maybe this is a shortcoming of having a rookie head coach, and hopefully, it's corrected by November.

and the drops and fumbles! god. maybe we should have our guys from the south soak their hands in the ice tub before practice so they get use to playinging the cold! LMAO

Bingo. Good teams prepare a solid game plan and prepare the players. Not sure what game plan they had last Friday night.

ok let me get this right last week we beat calgary and everyone fans etc etc were praising what a great job we did preparing for them. This week we get our ass handed to us by a good team and coaches should be fired players let go. To me this is a true hamiltonian fan when things are good there great when we lose we blow up the organization from top to bottom!!!!!!

Not sure where this thread called for anyone to be fired or to be blown up.

Just pointing out a weakness of the coaching staff that seems to have been evident in almost all our games.


I think that there's a point to be made here. Coaching this year on the offensive side of the ball is brutal. At best. I cannot stand what Gibson is doing out there, and I want it to stop ASAP. However, a kneejerk hire isn't going to solve anything so I think we should all continue to be patient with this team.

I think that we're really missing Danny Mac calling the plays for us out there. It's a shame he didn't stay behind as offensive coordinator. As many posters have noticed, this years offense hasn't really given our players a chance to succeed in the same way it did last year. Maybe that's why Porter et. al look so lousy.

Calgary wasnt good coaching it was a matter D was good and Calgary was worse then us. 95% of the time you lose a game like we played against Calgary

I can see where you're coming from. But I'm not sure it's the coaches who are at fault or the players who aren't executing. Porter especially, laid huge eggs in both games right from the opening offensive series. When you play that poorly, it's hard to get a read on what the game preparations have been like.

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