Can We Catch Montreal?

After dropping 3 straight, and BC next, Montreal is in a big slump - and ripe for the picking.

Too bad we are also in a slump of our own, dropping our last 2. This game against TO is a big one, not only to stay ahead of Toronto, but to close the gap for clinching the division and hosting the East final

i would say that we could, but since glenn is hurt, now we dont have much of a chance.

Not much of a chance? If (they better!) Winnipeg wins tonight, the Bombers go to 6-4, one win behind Montreal (who they still have to play one more time). The chance is there, the Bombers just have to grab it.

The sonner Glenn and stegail get back, the better.

The Bombers have no chance to beat the MTL Als. with Anthonny Calvillo, Don Matthews Great Coaching Skills, and Sylvain Girards amazing recieving skills. But girard is injured now so we might have a chance. :expressionless:

SINCE GIRARD WAS INJURED THE ALS> HAVE YET NOT WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

girrard isnt the best reciever on montreal, what about Cahoon, Watkins. I would say Girrard is maybe their third best.

I just checked the schedule and Montreal has a home and home series against BC coming up, followed by a home and home series against us. If there was ever a time to make a move, it's now!

...catch Montreal....we'll be lucky to stay ahead of the Ti-Cats with the performance like we put up against the Argos..... we just gave it away... :thdn:

Unfortunately, this post is entirely correct.

Well, there goes that that chance. It was right there for the taking (alot like the game lastnight…), but the Bombers just don’t know how to take what is being given to them. Instead they are all in the festive mood, just giving points away…

How does Gibson still have his job? Sure the players deserve alot of the blame, but there have been some pretty poor offensive plans the last few weeks - and I finally thought they had it right when Berry said they were going to feed Charlie. He looked awesome in the first half, then disappered in the second when eating up the timeclock is huge. The decision to pass when we were in FG range with 2 minutes left was STUPID. The decision to go with a cold QB with 40 seconds left and to force a pass was even MORE STUPID

Atleast Glenn and stegall are probably going to play next week, and if they are healthy, we should sweep saskatchewan, but who knows?

Unfortunately the Bombers troubles are deeper than that. Their return will not transform this team to the level of success they had earlier. This club is in shambles from top to bottom, and is STILL falling.

Maybe a trade involving Stegall to a contending team is in the works. I hope it is, because he will not win the Cup with Winnipeg. All future Hall of Famers, Stegall in particular, should be given the opportunity to win a Championship.

afer last night against T.O we should be more concerned about second place not Montrel. Is it possible? YES anything is possible in the CFL.... T.O and the Bombers are tied and 4 points back of Montreal, we are in a slump, montreal is in a slump, Argo's are hot could come down to the last game of the year for playoff position. The stabdings could look like any of the following providing Hamilton doesn't get hot.

  1. Toronto 1. Montreal 1. Winnipeg
  2. Montreal 2. Toronto 2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg 3. Winniprg 3. Toronto
  4. Hamilton 4. Hamilton 4. Hamilton



Trading Stegall is the most charitable jester that the Bombers could ever display. To deny him the opportunity of a championship is the most selfish thing the Bombers can do. Alternatively, if he really really wants to stay in Winnipeg until his career is over, then I suggest we know who the idiot is.

Milt Stegall is a TEAM player, while the rest of the Bombers showboat their little individual outbursts of achievement at every opportunity. If you cannot see that, then you really are an idiot.

Stegall will not be traded as long as we have a playoff spot. If we are in the PO's, then he has a chance to win the Grey Cup (don't forget about Calgary a few years ago against us.....). BUT.....if the wheels fall off and even Hamilton passes us (god forbid!), then yes I could see milt being traded to a contender, and I would be very happy to see him finally win it.

Well to bad for the bombers that they lost against toronto, now its tied for 2nd in the east, but good luck to BC when they play Montreal. The first teams in each division;). Go BC Lions!!:smiley:

Go BC!!! hopefully BC can sweep the argos and by divine intervention the ti cats could beat the argos :o

pfft who am i kidding its the ticats welll GO BC!!

whoops BC can sweep montreal

my bad :oops:

...i hate this crap of having to depend on other teams... to attain a better spot in the standings.... the BluenGold..JUST HAVE TO GO OUT AND WIN THEIR OWN GAMES....and if they're not good enough to to do that ....they deserve the position that comes with what they have put on the field... :x