can we catch BC?

Even if we win all 4 the Lions have to lose 2. Isn't that right? Don't think Edmonton can beat BC. Maybe Hamilton on the road. Maybe Calgary with Burriss. Looks like 2nd place and a home game. Then if we win off to BC Place. Wish we had Dominguez. The offense doesn't look the same now. To many field goals and not enough td's yesterday.

It'll be tough.
Without Wicky Way, I don't hold out much hope of the 'Smos winning a game.
But then again, all it takes is for the Lions to start thinking that way....

Wally has been quoted as hoping his team can win by enough so they can get the back-up QBs some playing time...
Wrong message to send to your team, I think....

Realistically, all I want, is for the Riders to control what they are doing and play well down the stretch.
The rest will take care of itself.

First place is likely more important to the fans than the team. We derserve a West final!!
Historically, the first place team in the West is only about .500 in the final in the last 20 years. Maybe less than that.

Possible? Yes. Likely? No.

I think BC will lose one. But I think we will too. Love Cates. What a great trade. But I wish we had kept Armstead. Maybe gotten Holmes another way. Without Dominguez and Armstead we only have 1 deep receiver threat. Flick. And Joseph still is hot and cold. Misses to many open receivers. i still like Crandall more. Better passer. Tillman needs to find a young qb. A Dickenson or a Ray. Or a Buck Pierce. If Tillman does that Jman will like him then. Maybe.


Football players often take heat from fans no matter what team they play for.

But where is the setting that most athletes get into trouble? As I was once in the army, Canadian soldiers would sometimes find themselves in trouble with the locals and often it would regress to fighting. Seems to me a similar situation... young men in good shape having more money than the locals, hunting for local women, hanging around the BARS trying to be noticed.

Why can't these guys act like pros and stay out of the local bars during the season? After the season is over, then you can go home do your "tom-cating." There are good reasons why the forces are now "dry" during operations because booze and young men causes problems, especially with the locals. Same goes for pro athletes.

If you go to the bars, be careful and behave and if trouble is brewing, leave the place and take your table full of bimbos with you. Remember that bars are full of drunks and people acting like @ssholes and sometimes they wear 'rider green.

You on the right thread?

Good advice at least, as far as it goes.
Players need to learn how to stay out of trouble.
But do you seriously expect young kids like KK to sit at home playing x-box with each other for 6 months?
And given that some of the things which make them good football players--cockiness, self confidence, competitiveness--are also the types of things that get you into trouble in a pub setting, it isn't a surprise some trouble happens.
Not to mention their very celebrity attracts trouble--both female and male.

But you are bang on regarding some of the dangers and pitfalls.

So true Arius, and Wally has had a history of making bone head errors along the way too. While I'd be doing cart wheels if we won back to back Grey Cups (First time in history) Playoffs are a brand new season where the regular season means squat. Nothing is carved in stone.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I for one am glad they got rid of Armstead... he has done nothing but F...up in Hamilton.
Holmes on the other hand has been all positives... Tillman won that trade.

I gotta agree, Dentor. I'm afraid that I just have trouble fathoming how anyone can say, based on the three or four games since the trade, that it wasn't a good move. Maybe the long haul will prove austinpowers right but the evidence so far sure doesn't support the contention. Don't get me wrong, I had nothing against Armstead ahd have an equal time fathoming how some fans can say he was useless, but that doesn't mean that the team has not made a net improvement with the trade.

I meant to answer the question that lead this topic: it can happen - there have been many a year-end meltdown - but I really don't see BC losing two games even if we do win all the rest ourselves ... and that is no guarantee.

The 'riders will end the season 11 and 7. They will lose this week in Hamilton, but will win the next game against them in Regina. They will lose to Edmonton at Edmonton but will beat Toronto in Regina. In short, they will lose both games on the road and win both their games at home.

I think they go 3 of 4

Let BC lose 1 game and the pressure will be big the last game against Calgary. If we beat Hamilton in Hamilton I think we win all 4. That means BC has to win 3. It would be strange having us cheer for Henry Burriss wouldnt it? But if we win 4 and BC loses 1 Henry can help us finish first.

On the trade I didnt say it well. I meant this. Im very happy to have Holmes. Wish that we could have gotten him without giving up Armstead. Tillman didnt know Dominguez was going to get hurt though. Thats 2 big play receivers lost. That was my point.

BC has to lose 2 games though, and thankfully the tiebreaker shouldn't come into play with their tie pretty much making it unlikely we'll end up with the same amount of points.

The game I thought they might lose was to the Bombers and they ended up winning. I think the only teams that have an outside shot are Hamilton and Calgary with Burris playing.

Hamilton is a bad team, but they've played the Lions close this year so we'll see.

It's pretty likely they'll win the West though.

I for one am glad they got rid of Armstead...
Me too! I do not miss Armstead at all...

It doesn't seem too likely that BC will lose but I would sure love it if they did. Let's hope we can keep winning and Joseph and the rest of the team can stay healthy and focussed. The Western Final in Regina would be amazing. I was at the WF at BC Place last year and I would love to see the opposite of both atmosphere and outcome

Don't think the Lions will collapse and finish second but it is remotely possible.

BC playing at home for the Western Final is what they and every other team has been gunning for all year. When you pack 55,000 into BC Place for a playoff game it gets mighty loud and it is a very difficult place for an opposing team to play in.

Playing in the Western Final at home is a huge advantage. Rider fans should know this (06 and 04). Either way it will be nice for Rider fans to finally get a home playoff game, be it probably a Western Semi.

Well I knew it wqas going to be tough to catch BC... but I was really hopeful until Edmonton decided they wouldn't seal the deal today. The were dominating BC all game, but couldn't close it out (sounds kind of like when the Rider's played BC).

So now, I really think it will be touch to catch them...