Can we beat Winnipeg back to back?

Before last nights game I would have said no way. Now I think we at least win one possibly two. Lets start a positive streak! :smiley:

We can.

Nope, WE WILL...Milt will make personal history with his next TD....but we'll begin our dominance for the coming years

Let him get it in Winnipeg
Not at IWS
We have bad Habit of Letting Other teams
Break Records in our Yard.

As the guys would on 3 Dominate..

Good luck guys. Blue all the way.

We had better...

If we shut down Roberts, look what happened last night with Montreal. There was almost 2 minutes left in the game when Montreal scored their TD, they needed the ball for the tying FG. Montreal couldn't get the ball back, Roberts kept running at them and ran the clock out.

Too soon to tell really. I'd be more optimistic if Taafe announced that Chang would start with Maas backing up. It would kill me to see Maas 'manage' another game to another loss. He does too much managing and not enough kick-ass winning.

An Argo-Cat fan

It is definitely a possibility. There is marked improvement in each and every game, in fact this does not even appear to be the same team that lost the first 2 games of the season, and a win very soon is a real possibility, even the next game.
Winning can be very contagious and a win in the next game could be a real confidence booster to the whole team. If more improvement is shown to the level that they are playing at right now, a win could escalate them to the kind of team that, hopefully, could put a smile on Charlie Taafe's face and create a winning streak. I believe that the other teams should start to be a little afraid of playing the Tiger Cats.
And Chris Schultz, Jock Climie et al are not laughing at us this year.

Milt will get it next game against us unless KK plays unbelievable....either way milt will prolly be marked like he has been the last 3 games he's played. But I think our defence with Tay cody will dominate anything PEG tries to throw at us.