Can we beat Calgary

Not sure if it`s a good thing to be facing Calgary at home after a bitter loss? Mind you, would it be a good thing facing Calgary at home after a big win?

What say you?

facing calgary at home has always made me nervous... im never very confident about the outcome, but heres hopin :smiley:

if the bombers win, were 3-3... bombers lose, 2-4... hopefully this 14.5 point underdogs things has em fired up

i know the defence will be, and i know the offence is going to be better again this week... but calgary is tough at home, i think we have a chance!

That`s the Spirit!!!!! :slight_smile:

...we beat them once with Lefors....the stumps can be had....however that was an early game and they're coming off a loss ..They will be nasty...we're going to have to get some terrific offence...orrrrrrr 2pts. Cal... :wink:

There's always a chance; this is the CFL after all. . .

Seems to me that Calgary's secondary is a bit suspect, so if the Bombers' O-line can hold off their rush, you might be able to make some long passes downfield. . .

Well most, including me, gave the Riders 0 chance of being within 20 of Calgary last week. We all saw how that turned out. Calgary seems to be a bit in disaray rite now. Lot's of in fighting, No Rambo for the season, and 2-3 to boot. If you can stop Reynolds, get heat on Burris, he will give you 2 or 3 interceptions IMO. Bishop will be eager to keep the number 1 spot and should air it out quite a bit, and Calgarys' biggest weakness is their secondary. Plus it's been low teens and tons of rain in Cowtown all week so their practices have probably suffered a bit from that. All adds up to an upset in the making. All I can say is GO BOMBERS. Until we meet on Labour day that is. :lol:

They have beaten them.

Will they beat them again, not according to my coin.

IMHO i dont see it happening.

but hey, nobody thought it would happen in week 2.

Can we? Of course, we already have. Can the Bombers do it again.. well, they'll need some offense to do that. I didn't get to watch the game last week, just heard it on the radio, but the offense in the second half didn't seem to be any better than it was in the first game against the Argos. If they can play better for a full game instead of just half of one, there's a chance for an upset.

Sweep Calgary, you guys are just getting greedy :wink:

I'm actually more curious to see how Bishop looks with Bryant & Bowman lining up at the WR positions for the first time this season with Edwards & Ralph in the Slots. Might just be the combination needed to get the passing game in gear.

....YES.....there are facets of the Bombers offence that haven't even seen the light of day yet....could be break-out time....Lobendahn in for Shabazz on the d....I don't know which of these guys hits harder...heh no loss there...Joe L. isn't
quite the ball-hawk though....Labinjo is back at his old out for this dude...He looks like he's been at the buffet dinners a little too often...however he can fool ya and our o lion guys better be able to pick him up quick..or we could be in for a long night.. :wink:

I smell a bowout in favor of the Bombers. Look for Bishop to throw for 300-500 yards, 3 td passes, 1 rushing td and ZERO int`s. Bombers coast to victory 51-13

I am a CFL fan

500 yards ! Have you been picking in Ryan O'neils stash ?

Consider the source.

He predicted a blowout last week, and even though Toronto handed Winnipeg no less than 7 times, they won by a hair; certainly not a blowout.

Let him keep predicting blowouts for the rest of the season; he may get lucky and actually be right once.

I think the bombers O will be much better now, with bowman back in and bryant at his natural position, and bishop will have another week of practice under his belt, we may be able to score 2 or three offensive touchdonws this week... and keep prgressing.

Hopefully Bishop really worked hard on his cardio, and the defense can keep this up... we need all the help we can get playing an angry stamps team in there back yard.

I agree. It should be a good game but it would still be an upset.

My post was tongue n cheek :smiley: I think probably all things point to a hard fight until the last play, in fact that is the most likely scenario. Having said that I am such a big believer in Bishop`s ability that I do expect many 300+ yard games if he is healthy and aloud to lead the Bombers the rest of the way.

Bombers by a td would be pretty special! How about Bombers 38 Stamps 36...thats my prediction for real. :thup:

Hey Pearson I like your style! I remember you well #25, man you had some nice moves back in the 80`s, when ever Argos where in trouble they always went to Pearson. Bombers 38 Stamps 36 sounds about right, I like your 53-13 prediction as well. :twisted:

Calgary 24, Winnipeg 10.

Sorry, but with more of Mike Kelly's play in the playbook the offense stalls.