Can We Assume?

Since the TiCats will be playing in Guelph, they will be practising in Guelph. The training camp will also be in Guelph. Does anyone know for sure? Can the field accommodate televised night games or is proper lighting a problem? If season ticket holders miss practises, do they slip down the priority list?

Pat Lynch(the old guy :roll: )

All good points, Pat. I am assuming that the pre season training camp will continue at Mac unless there is actually
bad blood between Mac and the Ticats. I’m not sure I’m buying Mac’s reasons for turning down the Ticats. I feel
that the most important reason would be due to the fact that Mac is also a hospital but the hospital is far removed
from the football field and there are separate entrances to each.
Anyway, back to your topic…Your concern regarding night lighting is one I hadn’t given any thought to and a very
valid one. I hope this has been well thought out by the powers that be if the current lighting is inadequate.
I don’t know if our team practicing in Guelph will affect the status of season ticket holders. It would be good if
someone from the organization would respond to these concerns.

Until the "official" word comes down, I would think that if the Cats hold their TC at Mac they would also practice there and only play games in Guelph. Regarding the lighting in Guelph, although I don't know specifically, the U of G just spent a bunch of money upgrading their stadium. Since they don't live in Hamilton (with its idiot city council :oops: ) one would think that lighting would have been one item addressed.

I thought I heard Bob Young respond when asked about the training situation at Mac after they were turned down that the organization would need to reassess their participation there.

So, maybe they won't be there, and perhaps, in Guelph.

Why even practice when you finish dead last in the league when you play at home? :expressionless: It's a way to save money.

Unless of course they start charging for attending practices. :lol:

I have a bad feeling that a season of all road games is a season wasted.

The problem is, there is only one road leading to (and from) the university--Stirling St. There are side streets near the hospital that would be clogged with traffic from 10,000 people & their vehicles trying to access the field. That would be a nightmare for emergency vehicles trying to reach the hospital. I love the Ticats, but if it was one of my loved ones in an ambulance who couldn't get to the hospital due to traffic from a football game, I wouldn't be happy about it.

Yes, Mac is very problematic with the hospital on campus. I could see a lawsuit if an ambulance got tied up in traffic with a critical patient with a game there where they've doubled the seating capacity. That would not be good for anyone.

Remember that Mac is now a Children's Hospital.

Most medical emergencies requiring ambulatory services are now diverted to another hospital in the city.

My opinion is that when Mac said NO to this whole debacle, the Cats would cut all ties with the university. The Cats reportedly give Mac over $1 million to host training camp. With the Cats losing a ton of money next year, I don't see them throwing money at them when they are part of the reason for all the headaches that we have.

I feel that they are going to announce their traning camp location soon, think of the players who are under contract who rent a house in hamilton for 6 months. They will need to know if they will have to find a house to rent elsewhere.

What do you mean by "give"?

Do you mean:

Paid for $1m in expenses,
or did they actually "give them" $1m above and beyond rent/expenses?

But I believe that children can still be taken there for emergencies.

8) You're right "oldfan", It may have been Bob that made that statement, but I know for sure that Scott Mitchell said it !
  Don't expect the Cats to have training camp at Mac !!
Would you also be negotiating with those other universities for next year’s training camp?

Young: “It does throw everything up the in the air that a different decision from Mac would not have.?

[url=] ... o-decision[/url]
While it might be tempting to take the reported $200,000 a year the team pays the school and direct it somewhere else, doing so would come with its own risk. Pulling out of Mac next season would mean an entire summer would go by with the team having no physical connection to the local market.
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I can see the TiCats conducting training camp up at University of Guelph. Make a big splash up in Guelph. Get accustomed to the surroundings. Sell some extra tickets. Get people excited up there. But I think they'll return to Hamilton once they close up camp & begin the regular season grind.

I don't think they'll want to have team offices, football operations, all the medical & training facilities in Hamilton while the team practices in Guelph. Unless of course they move the whole kit & kaboodle up to Guelph.

My gut tells me is they'll reach some sort of agreement with MAC to utilize Ron Joyce Stadium & Braley Centre for practice, medical, training etc. once they close camp in Guelph & the regular season starts and keep their operations offices @ 1 Jarvis. Coaches & players foing back and forth between Guelph & Hamilton on a very regular basis would be a nightmare. The team practices in the AM to early PM while MAC doesn't practice until later in the afternoon.

Finally, I really don't think there's significant bad blood between MAC & The TiCats. The university made the decision they had to make with respect to the Westdale Residents Associations & BIA. The TiCats might be disappointed that MAC didn't stand up to those groups, but in the end I think they understand it was the right decision for the school just like they made the right decisions for themselves in the stadium matters.


I think it's especially important for the Ti-Cats to hold training camp in Mac ( or somewhere in Hamilton) and market them strongly to Hamiltonians encourage as many as possible to make the Trek to Guelph, sell merchandise, and buy tickets for 2014 and beyond.

I look for a strong marketing push in 2013, to snatch some money for the "big" 2014 inaugural

Excellent point & great idea.

I also think they've got to rethink this Tier 1/Tier 2 nonsense. It's too shortsighted.

Push a strong Hamilton presence for 2013 as much as you can, all the while selling the new stadium for 2014.

Use the 2014 inaugural season and a stronger than usual Hamilton presence in 2013 to help mitigate 2013 losses. ( training camp, special appearances at art crawls, Super Crawl, festival of Friends, it's Your festival, Mac games, Bulldogs games, 200th anniversary of the battle of Stoney Creek, and other big crowd events)

Agreed. Any and all building of brand and mending of fences in Hamilton would be great and need to be done.

I know they've been doing quite a few bi-weekly events in Burlington aimed primarily at the business community.

Of course they need to protect and be respectful of their loyal fan base in Hamilton. But the growth of the franchise is in areas like Burlington, Ancaster, Grimsby etc etc etc.

Yup. regional growth, both short and long term is understandable, but plugging the hole created by their 2013 absence might be an immediate priority. Then again, maybe not.

( Just can't see how the current IWS would appeal to those from Burlington, Ancaster, Grimsby...There's no draw other than the game.)

No question it will take a while to mend some fences over the stadium controversy and the politics involved with all of that for sure. People get very emotional about politics, politicians they like or dislike and local organizations and businesses, education, healthcare, social services, entertainment etc.

As Fender says, everyone makes decisions about things. Personally I'm making the decision not to renew for next year and become a season ticket holder again in the new stadium. Hope to get to a few games next year at least though.