Can TSN please provide the down and yards to go before the p

I loved the game Friday night and am a big Ti Cat fan who lives in Muskoka. I have read all of the forums and can't say any more about the actual game than has already has been said. My little bitch is with TSN. Your coverage for the most part is great with one huge exception for me. Seems every time the play is about to begin on 2nd or third down, the box with the number of the down and yards to go at the bottom of the screen is empty. You barely put the numbers in as the ball is snapped. This plays hell on the eyes and concentration of the game. Has anybody else found this to be a problem?

I hate the box on the bottom of the screen. On non-HD screens, all sixes look like eights. My eyes are actually getting stronger now without my glasses, so having to eyechart things while being left in the dark about down and distance is aggravating. LOL

That being said, as long as the first down line is working, I can do the visual math pretty well and have a good idea of what the offense is facing.

Oski Wee Wee,

Totally off-topic but I’m just envious of anyone who is ‘up north’ right now…Welcome to the website “Muskokaman”

I love Muskoka and Parry Sound districts…

as you can see here: :lol:

ah heck that's not "up north" aren't north until you're north of Highway 17.

Is this far enough north for you? I'm at 53° 31' 27.90"N. HWY 17 is aprox 46 degrees north.

I just Google Earthed that...there a big MF-ing bear right behind you...

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Oski Wee Mauling,

the tiger vision and the east scoreboard is behind the play as well. hopefully this will be corrected.

Considering the West Edmonton Mall is two blocks from here I sure hope there is not. :lol:

Thanks for the welcome Mikey. Im not too far north that i can,t get down to a few games. Was born and raised in Hamilton but have lived in Muskoka for about 30 yrs now.

I noticed the same thing with TSN. It was very aggravating especially trying to watch the game on a 19" tv in my son's hospital room. At least he had a tv this time. The montreal game he had no tv so we had to go to the lounge and watch it. I had to wrestle the remote away from a 5 year old girl who was watching teletubbies. lol. jj. It was interesting watching it there. We started to watch it by ourselves and by the second quarter we had lots of company. Made a bad situation into a fun thing.
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The north in Canada is more of a state of mind than a geographical locale anyhow. Vancouver is farther north than Timmins, yet it prides itself in being the least northern city in the country. Meanwhile, places like Lindsay, ON that are now essentially Toronto suburbs, are perennial hotbeds for northern separation political movements.

However, across the north, "Argos $uck!" remains a component part of the lingua franca. Indeed, very few northern residents seem to need any convincing that Toronto is the Mordor of Canada.

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you going to the game? my 2nd fav stadium in the cfl. i just hope fleming misses those fg's "for high school football"