Can Tiger-Cat fans "press" on?

Ted Michaels

An explanation about the attempted quashing of a Tiger-Cat fan tradition.

Last week, after the Tiger-Cats victory over Winnipeg, CHML's Fifth Quarter received numerous calls and e-mails because of an incident in Box J.

For the last six years, when the Tiger-Cats score a TD, fans in Box J participate in a "Touchdown Press."

This involves a willing participant being "pressed," like a bench press, by several fans.

Last week, a Hamilton police officer, who according to several sources was a newcomer to the force, and perhaps not aware of the tradition, was concerned about fan safety and tried to stop the press on more than one occasion.

Police tell CHML News they are always concerned about the safety of patrons, and if the incidents get out of hand, they will provide a "measured response."

The next Tiger-Cat home game, is Saturday, August 7, when they host Winnipeg.

I demand freedom of "the press" for my friends in Box J!

please no more moons :oops: :twisted: