Can Ticat D go after Joseph like Winnipeg did last week??

Just wondering if Ticat D can take up where Winnipeg left off last week against Argos?

Joseph was sacked 3 times and knocked down even more, can you guys do the same? I hope you took a good look at the film, Joseph looked like a rag doll.Bishop took zero sacks.

Perhaps you do not want to go after Joseph because Bishop would then come in? I can see that reasoning!

Certainly do not want the Ticats going 0-2.

I will not be surprised to see OB Doing double duty within a week or 2.

Bishop looked awful last week. There were atleast 3 balls he threw that hit off Winnipeg defenders hands. He throws an ugly ball, I am more worried about Joseph. Bishop could have a receiver open at the first down marker, but instead he would throw it deep into triple coverage.

Bishop looked like Joe Montana against us last year.

I'm worried about every QB in this league and on the Argos equally.

I find your views very realistic and unbiased. I personally just dont see how the cats can win this game. I think that the 10.5 point dogs that vegas makes us is actually flattering. Our only chance is that I expect printers to have maybe 2 career games this year where he basically wins the game on his own. If this is one then we have a chance, I dont think it will be one. I think the argos win and that the qb wont matter so much as stopping the run. The running back they used last week whos name escapes me looked very good. If the cats cant stop him its gonna be a long night.

I think the Cats will surprise, regardless!
Hamilton has to be everybodys 2nd favorite team. They are actually my favorite while Bishop is # 2 with Argos.

Bob Obilovich is my all time favorite coach!

You got Lumsden if he can stay healthy, you got Zeke Moreno (or something like that), Hitchcock, Miles, French. Probably should have hung on to Ralph.

I think Ticats do ok, might even win.

Howbout Kerry Joseph crying to the media...I am the MOP , this is not how its suppose to turn out.

And on top of that he wears his sisters ear rings.

In my family only the girls wear ear rings.
Does he have to wear such gay ones? a little stud diamond is not as bad on a man.


I was gonna say the same thing. Pretty sure he's retired.

howbout this

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First off...look at the guys signature....that alone should be enough to discount any opinion!

And since he was referring to the offence, I'm going to guess that he meant WoodCOCK. He had the last part right at least!

(its killing me not to make jokes about having seen one (the last part of their names) you've seen them all...or rather having a wood one than one with a hitch in it)...oops...just did

Yes I meant Woodcock

but how bout this

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