Can this happen in the CFL too?

After seeing the Packers turn an ineligible player OOB touching a loose football in play to an illegal kickoff vs Detroit,

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I was wondering if this could happen in the CFL.


That is what you call great coaching.

Illegible players can be hard to read

....And being hard to read makes it very difficult for a db. to cover... if he's a receiver... :lol: know :lol:

I don't think the CFL has stupid rule like this one. It rewards the team getting the penalty. It should be a ten yard penalty on the receiving team or in this case , half the distance to the goal line.

Illegal participation is called when an player goes out of bounds (unless forced out by contact ) and returns during the play.

If this happened in Cdn ball (pro and amateur) then the ball would be whistled dead immediately and the receiving team would scrimmage at that point 1&10. The ball must exit the field of play untouched on a k/o to be considered an OB K/O penalty with scrimmage by receiving team 25 yards from k/o line (amateur...not sure what pro is) or re-kick 5 yards back.

There's lots of goofy rules in US 4 down ball. I officiated HS in BC for a number of years and found out first hand how strange some of the rules are....didn't like most of the differences.

That is the case if he comes back in bounds to play the ball before someone else touched it 1st.

However, in this case, he was out of bounds when he touched the ball, making all of him out of bounds.

Its a quirk in the rules that is taught to special teams returners, just it is something that so infrequently is executable, you see it rarely actually happen.

It may be something you see more of with touchbacks being now moved out to the 25 and more kickers are trying to drop the ball between the 5 and the goal line, instead of just kicking it thru for a touchback.

This last line covers this situation, and indicates that the kicking team would get the ball at the point of the foul. (LB = loss of ball)

A much more sensible rule, I'm thinking.