Can they keep the pace?

Yes there is. And the Als are far far from it.

This prompts me to give a new life to what is still so far The Thread of the Year:

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It's the thead of the year becase I couldn't comment on it. :lol:

After reading that Thread, 3/10, I've come to believe very strongly that RedandWhite could very well be one of the infamous Ferguson brothers of "How to be a Canadian" fame..... :smiley:

Redandwhite is a legend!!!
Good post Turd.I never read that before.
Now that is the stuff I like.

saskargo, we know you better than that by only like it because it slams the Riders..... :smiley:

Those damn Senators have no respect for the Habs. They spoiled our home season opener.

But hey. If we have to lose, I'd rather it to be to the Sens. They are a classy organisation. I was just disappointed at them when they fired Jacques Martin.

Nope, I like it because it is funny.
Some people take this site to seriously.
Not me.
This site would die,if it wasn't for humor!!!!

I read that thread, and found it quite hilarious. Too bad the riders have to be the butt of the joke, but well, who else would it be, really? We are the team to make fun of, nobody else really has the history to make it work.

Now you can make fun of Ottawa I spose, but they were pretty good for a few years, and beat us more times than not in the Grey Cup..... I was only just over a year old, but stupid Tony Gabriel, catching that pass..... he should've slipped to make up for beating our poor DB... wonder who that guy was, I think I knew once, but I'm sure I've purged the knowledge. :slight_smile:

Wow you are old.
At least your not as old as Grampa Elmer!!!

Speaking Of Uncle Elmer.
Hey turd what is Elmers name on this site now?
I sure want to catch up on old times!!!

Someone recently pointed out what his new nick was, but I can't remember. I think it starts by "d", but that isn't of a big help... No, it's not your friend Dentor...

Anyone on this site know what name Elmer uses now?
May the real Elmer the Pud step up to the plate.

If threads that pertained to specific teams were only on the team sites this place would be empty

What is Elmers new name?

Thanks Ro1313,
I have to catch up with him.
I sure missed him.
We are like best buddies!!!

Yeah… Grandgalop… that starts by “d”… if you spell it like Kanga-Kucha… maybe…

Your right Turd.
His name starts with d.If you know what I mean.


Situation update:

With two games remaining, the receivers are almost all certain to get to 1000 yards:

  • Ben Cahoon needs 12 yards to get to 1000.
  • Terry Vaughn needs 20 yards.
  • Dave Stala needs 27 yards.
  • Kerry Watkins is already there.

Last game in Montreal should have been the occasion for all of them to crack the mark. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong time to play like retards, and will have to get their milestones on the road. If Calvillo repeats it past performance against these two teams, he will end with 5988 yards. That's just 12 short of it!

Being ousted of the game after three quarters, Calvillo complicated his own goal. After gaining 435 against BC, and 264 against the Argos, he now needs 759 yards to reach 6000. That's an average of 380 per game. It is still possible given that he plays two bottom feeders (Ottawa and Hamilton), but you just never know when someone wishes to spoil the party.

As well, if Montreal has no chance to clinch first place during week 20, Calvillo may not even play that week.