Can they keep the pace?

Last year, Anthony Calvillo threw for 6000 yards. Also, the Alouettes became the first team to line-up four 1000 yards receivers. Here is where they stand as of now. Do you believe a repeat is possible this year?

  • Anthony Calvillo Currently has 4542 yards. To reach 6000, he needs to gain an average of 365 yards per game.

As for the receivers:

  • Kerry Watkins already busted the 1000 yards mark.
  • Terry Vaughn has 864 yards. So he needs an average of 34 yards per game to reach 1000.
  • Ben Cahoon has 846 yards. So he needs an average of 39 yards per game to reach 1000.
  • Dave Stala has 842 yards. So he needs an average of 40 yards per game to reach 1000.

The Alouettes still have to play:

  • British-Columbia
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Hamilton

So what do you say? Is it possible? What is more likely?

…IMO, Vaughn, Cahoon and Stala will each go over the 1000 mark…but I can’t see AC amassing 365 yards passing per game for each of the remaining four games, that is a huge undertaking, possible yes, probable no…

Its more likely that they'll choke come playoff time.

Well, I do know the past never garantee anything for the future, but if we look at AC's best performances this season against the four opponents he has yet to face, he gained:

  • 321 yards against Toronto
  • 342 yards against Hamilton
  • 405 yards against Ottawa, and
  • 419 yards against BC.

In both Ottawa and BC's games, the Als lost but AC racked yards like crazy. Should he repeat those numbers, he'd reach 6029 yards...

Brilliant insight. Unfortunately, it was beside the topic. Feel free to re-read the question. And thanks for trying.

Turd your starting to sound like a rider fan.
Als this,Als that.
Come on.We know Montreal is good.You don't have to point everything out.

I voted without knowing the numbers..... however, after thinking a bit more about it, I don't think that all 4 dudes will get the 1000 yards. I can see even three of the four, but for some reason I don't see all 4 doing it. And as for AC's #'s, the Als seem to be running a bit more lately, aren't they? If they do, it seems less likely that Calvillo will be passing enough to get up to an average of 365. Plus, as you said yourself, those #'s were the best performances this season..... in theory, he may not have his best games against all those teams again.

But I do think they'll be close, and I'd honestly be surprised if they don't end up in first place by the end of the season.

Well, what's the point of discussing football anyways?

Maybe I should start yet another topic on Damon Allen. We don't have enough of these. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never started the Allen topic.
I'm just saying all you talk about is Montreal.
You never give credit to other teams.
It is always Als this ,Als that.
You don't have to prove anything to the rest of the forum.
We know Als are a good team.
The riders have to say riders this,riders that.
Everyone knows that they are not going to be a threat in the playoffs.
You Als have nothing to prove.

lets hope so :lol: :lol: :lol:

It seems to be what they do there a record for that? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Look who is calling the kettle black

Wasnt this the question??

Will AC and the boys repeat last year's performance?

My answer is yes, another disappointing playoffs is in the cards.

Montreal in 2005!!!!

Saskargo, you should stick to picking on little brat. Doing that on people capable of responding will not make you look any good. Have a nice day nonetheless.

Hey Turd,
I wasn't starting a fight.
All I'm saying.When you have posts like this.You sound like you are defending your team.I know how good your Als are.I have nothing against them.It just sounds like your bragging or something.
Turd,I know you know alot of football.
I think you took my comments the wrong way!!!

I am not defending the Als. Not if they aren't picked on at least. But accomplishments are meant to be brought up. There were topics on whether or not Pringle would break George Reed's records, whether or not the Lions would go perfect, whether or not Stegall would beat the league's record for TDs... It's only normal to talk about these things.

I'm sorry if AC plays for my team. But have you ever seen any QB rack up 6000 yards two years in a row anywhere? I guess I was just excited to notice it was possible and was eager to know if non-Als fans also thought this could be. Would everybody tell me "Dude, you're dreaming. It can't happen because of this and that...", I could reset my hopes.

And one last thing: it's only normal that I talk often about the Als. Look at anyone's posts in here. You'll always find a majority of posts related to their favourite team. It's normal because they're the ones we know better.

In fact, you are the sole exception to that, because almost all of your posts are related to the Riders... :stuck_out_tongue:

Shouldnt this poll go in the Als forum???

Shouldnt the topic of top 10 Als last week have been on the Als forum??

This site would be a mess if everybody made team topics on main forum.

Good point Turd.
However you know alot about football.
You know alot about other teams too.
It is good to point out records.
I'm not going to argue that.
It just seems like your bragging.Maybe it is just me.
As for me and the rider nation.
You know I love bashing the riders on this site.I have done that since day one.I like to point out their week spots.
They get mad at moi,because I don't cheer for the riders.
They think everyone from Saskabush should cheer for the riders.
They get called rednecks.I say they are rednecks too.
They try to prove that they are not rednecks.I prove they are.
They seem to think I betrayed them.I say I didn't.
I love Saskabush.One of the greatest places in the world.

How 'bout those Senators? :smiley:

bugger the sens, How abou thos Canucks??? or Oilers???