Can the Ticats win the Grey Cup without Collaros?

Im not that sold on Collaros as being an elite QB. I honestly think he is about as good as Willy, but just plays on a much better team..If Hamilton can find a replacement that is servicable like Crompton , then I believe there is still hope.

You know that Bobo and the gang" hype train has fallen off the cliff when they hope Williams Desjardins and Burris take their team"s place in the big game. :lol:

Ya all don't really think that we would hitch our wagons to Toronto or Montreal now do you ? :lol: Besides If indeed it's not the Cats then I think that everybody would agree that a 2nd year expansion team with a 40+ yr old QB that only won 2 games in their first season making not only the playoffs but the Grey Cup would make a GREAT story. I'll say it right here for the record.... I was WRONG about DesJardins and the guy has definitely learned a few things along the way since his woeful beginnings in Hamilton so many years ago. The guy in a very very short time has built one helluva team in the Nations Capital. Besides the Als fans won a Cup only 5 yrs ago and the Argos only 3 yrs ago. These Ottawa fans have been waiting 39 yrs for a Cup and haven't even been there since way back in "81". Their fans have been off the charts as well with their enthusiasm and support since last season so to me it's a no brainer really....if things do go South and it's not my Cats this year then its gotta be GO REDBLACKS GO. Now saying all that let me also go on record as saying that I still think in spite of everything that my Cats still have the ability to go back to the Cup for a 3rd consecutive year. :rockin:

If Austin can get the Cats to the GC without a running game, Collaros, Olson, Dikowskie and Bomben playing on one peg and Banks with busted ribs. He's the greatest CFL HC of all time.

Agreed. That would be one hell of an accomplishment.

Is it likely that Hamilton can win the Grey Cup without Collaros? I would say the odds are a bit lower now but it is not out of the question and when you get to the big game, anything can happen. Teams have caught lightning in a bottle in the past and it can happen again.

Hamilton's chances took a blow, not only due to Collaros going down but with the number of Qb's going down in the NFL, there may not be a lot of potential help coming available from down south.

I am still picking Hamilton to make it to the Grey Cup but their odds of winning it is another question.

Thier chances took a big hit, but it's far from out of the question. They have one of the best defenses in the league and very good speacial teams. They lost their starting QB and that hurts a lot the way he was playing, but to say that knocks them out of the Grey Cup picture is disrespectful to the rest of this team and how well it has played.

And that comes from an Argo fan. I tasted a bit of my lunch in the back of my throat as I typed but it is accurate.

Thanks :thup: - it would be equally hard for any Ticats fan to write well of the Double Blue too! :smiley:

However you are right, the rest of this team has played really well and they have been really focused on one goal since the season began - more probably since last December. The loss of Collaros, as well as he has played does make it more challenging, but you can bet the others will work even harder to try to win. :cowboy:

They are not out but IMO they peaked early, they will need to do some serious retooling and breaking in a new QB with a RB who can’t break a tackle (Gable is supposed to be coming back but he’s made of glass) and a beat up oline is a great challenge. If there is a guy who can do it it certainly is Coach Austin.

I mentionned a few weeks ago that there was a lot of ball left to be played. People were handing them the cup with half a season to go. It is a shame for Zack, its a better league with him in it. hurts all fans.

Maybe if Austin comes off the sidelines and takes the field as QB :cowboy:

Who knows Matthews could win 9 straight and Collaros is on the trading block this winter. Will be very interesting.

That's pretty far fetched, however, they are almost guaranteed a playoff spot so if it had to happen at least they have 6 games to get a new QB ready for playoffs and make any offensive adjustments they need. Not an easy task, but as Jekyl and Hyde as the Argos and RBs have been this season it's still very realistic to expect they can make it to the big game.

Never thought I'd see the day... :wink:

We haven't seen much of the Ticats backup QBs except being thrown into the fire against one of the best D in the league. It's certainly possible one of them ends up being a good QB, and they have a good QB coach in Austin to help them get better. I still think it's a long shot, but at least they've got essentially a playoff spot locked up and the East isn't especially deep at QB right now either with plenty of injuries other than Burris.

I still think Hamilton is the top team in the East, but the gap narrowed in a big way and they'll have a tough time against Calgary/Edmonton in the Grey Cup.

:oops: Well CRF what can I say but read my lips :lol: I'll admit it......

The run game in Hamilton is an afterthought and conventional wisdom suggests you try lean on your run game a bit more when you have an inexperienced QB starting, especially if there are early struggles. It certainly didn't seem like Austin did that after Collaros went down. So can they win with Matthews throwing 40 or so times a game? The 3 picks last game suggest probably not, at least not right away. But we saw Brett Smith grow with extended playing time, same could happen with Matthews. Certainly seems like it's going to cost them the first in the division though.

There hasn't been a rookie qb lead his team to the grey cup,since 1972 -yes another ticat team and the qb was chuck Ealy
He also led his team to an 11-3 season record and 1st place - sort sounds like Collaros type of numbers and talent
Matthews comes from an insignificant college football school - known more for Ivy League Academics then football - nice guy but no way ticats go to grey cup with Mathews at the helm - not in his less then 1/2 a year to grow into being a successful CFL qb - let's not put all,the pressure on him but it's unfair to think he can pilot the team to Winnipeg - 6 games left will be a feat to win 3 of them - can see the ticats ending up 10 and 8 or 9-9 on the season -
All,the old timers know how good Chuck Ealy was and even a better human being - we can only hope Mathews obtains to that one day

Pump the breaks… Best QB? No… Top 3, yes.

You're giving the Argos and RBs far too much credit and nowhere near enough credit to Hamiltons D and STs. They also have the best coach of the three teams and coaching counts for a lot. Argos won the 2012 Cup primarily on coaching when Millanovich and Jones out coached their former teams. Hamilton is no more a lock to miss the GC than they are to make it now.

[i]Johnny wants to help all of his friends in Hamilton! Losing Collaros is a crushing loss. Here is a little gift from Johnny to make things better.

Johnny's gift to Ticat fans. Watch and enjoy![/i]