Can the team make money at IWS?

Just someone who lurks with a question:

The first few years BY was here and the crowds were good, did the team turn a profit?

I'm assuming they are not making a profit now.

If magically all games were sold out, could they make a profit this year?

Do they need to host a playoff game to make a profit?

Where does IWS and the costs associated with it stand as far as being profitable, could the team sell out and get a playoff game and still not make a profit?

Just curious, and maybe this is why BY wants out of IWS.. because just maybe there is no opportunities to make money in the middle of a residential area?

With the small stadium and the constant renovations they had to and continue to do this past year I am not sure how much money they were brining in.

No money. Im sure another loss in the millions again this year. Remember Saskatchewan made only over $1 mill the same year they won the Grey Cup, sold the most merchandise in the CFL and sold out every game.

Its a tough business.

Scott Mitchell told city council this Monday that,
because of Ivor Wynne stadium,

the Tiger Cats are losing %50% of
the potential revenue of a CFL team

A couple of points he made...

In stadium advertising space is very limited.

Poor concession facilities

[They have the world's largest stadium and airport food service company
and they say that IWS is the worst location to operate and generate income.]

8) Well, I have to agree that the food concessions have to be the worst joke of any stadium that I have ever been in !!!! :roll:

So then, given the above, it makes not financial sense to renovate the stadium and any discussions to that effect are a waste of time.

If you are spending $20-$60 mill(some numbers ive seen thrown around in another thread) to renovate or at least simply MAINTAIN a stadium and that doesn't change anything in regards to making money then its pointless. Remember, location location location.

That being said I understand the tradition and nastalgia part of all this. I'm only 25 but I remember when I was little my dad taking me to a game and we'd park by some nearby church and walk, certinaly a better experience then walking to the Skydome.

But the fact is renovating IWS will not change the fact they don't make money in there location. BY knows this I think hence the reason for wanting another stadium.

I think its a safe bet that if he thought all it took was $60 mill in reno's and they would be profitable thats a no brainer, hes a bright man and wouldn't be going the route he is.

Any one elses thoughts?