Can the Stamps over come....

Possibly 65,000-68,000 screaming Montreal fans? If that place gets filled it could be hell for Burris and O-Line.

An early score bu the Stamps would help settle things but, wow what a 13th man to have in a championship game. I hadn't given it a lot of thought but one has to realize the obvious advantage here?

All you guys have to do is open the game up with a great TD drive. That'll shut 'em up quick.

Yep...they said the same thing about BC going into Riderville.

One shift in momentum can quiet a stadium real quick.

The Stamps have to learn to feed off the crown intensity. BC does that every time they come to Regina. The crowd which often intimidates other teams seems to encourage and motivate the Lions when they play at Taylor field.

i am the first guy to say just because mtl is the host does not by any means all 68,000 will be mtl fans.

NOt sure but I think there will be fans in the stadium cheering on the Stamps.

You're right... the entire stadium won't be filled with Montreal fans. But with them being in the GC, I think a lot of Montreal fans are going to eat up tickets now. They could end up with a huge advantage. But as I said earlier, if Calgary can get off to a good start, it won't matter.