Can the Stamps afford to lose Nick Arbuckle??

I was so unimpressed with BLM in the West semi final that I wish we could have seen NA at some point in that game. The cold weather appeared to be BLM Kriptonite and with the inability or “fear” to run the ball we might be letting an excellent QB in Arbuckle slip a way.

I firmly believe that your QB has to be able to run once in a while so you don’t become one dimensional like BLM has.

Arbuckle showed that he can be a good backup. The Stamps should keep him in case of another injury by BLM. However, because Arbuckle showed good things, some teams with a QB issue might be tempetd to give him the #1 slot (mostly Ottawa and Toronto). The Stamps would be vulnerable in 2020 without a good backup, juste like the Alouettes and the Lions.

With BLM big Contract. There is no way teams in desperate need of a QB. With Arbuckle as an FA. there is no way the stamps can pay him. & no way Arbuckle will stay in Calgary.

Or … the Stamps trade BLM ( and his huge contract ) and keep Arbuckle. …

It’s not a question whether Calgary can afford to lose Arbuckle but can they afford to pay him, given Bo Levi Mitchell salary? My answer is no.

Nick Arbuckle will most probably command a salary ranging between $325,000 and $375,000 in 2020; unless they release or trade Bo Levi, Calgary cannot sign him. As was written trading or releasing Bo Levi is definitely an option.

One option that I feel could happen is Calgary trading Nick to a team in need of a QB. Knowing that they can’t sign him, Calgary may go that route; for instance, they could trade Nick Arbuckle to Ottawa for Ottawa’s first round selection in upcoming 2020 CFL draft. Ottawa has the first choice. Ottawa would definitely make sure that Nick has sign a contract before trading for him.


The answer to the thread question is exactly wat Richard said.

I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see BLM being sent to Toronto, something along the lines of the Ricky Ray trade.

Wow, never thought of that, I can’t see it, but Its an Interesting scenario. 8)

Hmmm. BLM to Toronto along with Dinwiddie his QB coach upgraded to OC. Interesting thought.
MLSE has a multi zillion dollar enterprise.
So maybe than get around the salary cap by supplementing players with off season jobs in MLSE.
Like security guards for other off cfl season teams.
Or pay them to turn on the spriklers like the way the NCAA used to get around giving players cash.

…pretty high estimates IMO for a third year player who’s first two years were mainly third-and-one dives…no doubt he showed his talents this past year while BLM sat injured, but to vault him into that level of compensation? Possible I guess, just not probable…unless Toronto or Ottawa wants to get stupid or something…

…yeah, the stamps will probably lose him, and have to go back to identifying, acquiring and developing another QB stud for the league to poach…same old same old…


BLM isn’t going anywhere but you boy’s can keep on wishing and hoping ;D

Would it not be more logical for Arbuckle to explore free agency and follow Dinwiddie to Toronto as the Argos new starting qb?

Oh yes. He is as free as a bird free agent. Toronto is just one of two teams that are looking for a staring QB. Arbuckle is part of a trend of new yunger Fresh faced QBs that have proven that they have proven they could be a starting CFL QB.
Of Course going with Dinwiddie to Toronto has got to already been in discussions.
Lapo in Ottawa also in the search now.
The rumor mill is rampid now. Collaros to Toronto or Ottawa.
Nichols to Ottawa.
Masoli coming of the ACL is rumored to stay in Hamilton going to Ottawa or Toronto.
Let the wheeling and dealing begin. Ha

The question is can Calgary afford to keep Arbuckle. With BLMs contract and Arbuckles interest from teams being a starter the answer is No.
Absolutely no way Calgary or BC or Even Edmonton cannot not afford an at least proven backup.

The Calgary Stampeders have traded the rights to QB Nick Arbuckle to the Ottawa REDBLACKS. Ottawa gave a third round selection in the 2020 CFL Draft and a conditional choice if they can sign Nick Arbuckle. I do think that Ottawa will sign him.

Ottawa will definitely be a better team in 2020 with this QB.


…the conditional choice better be Ottawa’s #1 or the stamps did not get enough for Arbuckle IMO…

Well I guess we’ll learn next season whether the Stamps could afford to lose Nick Arbuckle or not.


…can’t hold the kid back, Cozart will need to step up…

Well, they could just sign him again as a FA in February if they don’t like the conditional pick they’ll get if he signs in Ottawa.