Can the same player... both Offensive and Special Teams player of the week?

Im thinking Thiggy could get consideration for both

Yes they can

And yes he should. 274 all purpose yards and 3 TDs. I'm sure he'll get jobbed by the league just like
the rest of the Ticats have. I thought that with the missed field goals Prefontaine would finally NOT get the
ST player of the week but when the I read the headline "Prefontaine's single point gives "blue team" victory over Bombers" I realized the stage was already set lol.

Hick should get consideration for DPOW as well. 2 sacks and a forced fumble.

Put him as a DB and he could be the second coming of Garney Henley! :rockin: :rockin:

Unfortunately, I expect that Whitaker will get Offensive Player of the Week. He had 25 touches for 177 yards and 3 TDs, better than either Thigpen (6 for 139 and 2TDs) or Cobourne (19 for 120 and 1 TD).

Thigpen might get ST honours, if only for his TD run, but Williams didn't get it last week, so who knows.

Thanks for jinxing Thiggy lol.

Don't get me started on the Williams ripoff. The week that Medlock hit a 57 yarder stupid Chad Owens got ST player for returning one for a TD so I thought Williams is a shoe-in since he did the same thing. Nope they give it to Prefontaine instead that week. That really ticked me off.

Are we starting another sour grapes thread here? :wink: But yeah, Williams has been ripped off a couple of times this year. He better get Rookie of the Year, or there are going to be "a few" pissed off Ticats fans.

I didn't mean to jinx Thiggy, but looking at all teams' performances, his offensive performance didn't come close to Whitaker's. Of course, that doesn't take into account his ST performance on top of his offence. Too bad there isn't an overall MOP spot....

PS. My tablet just did an autocorrect of "Whitaker's" to "Whatever's". I almost left it in. :slight_smile: