Can the Lions roar to 12-0?

I sure as hell hope so! Go Lions tonight against Edmonton!

i dont think edmonton will win...i don't know who to cheer for?

a perfect BC season capped with a grey cup WOULD make a nice story and should help thier attendance figures for a few years after.

but edmonton ending the streak would put them back in second, and if they host a playoff game, it would look cool to see 50 000 + in the crowd.


If the Lions hosted the Western Final, we would probably sell-out. As well, the Grey Cup is all but sold out.

its pretty much a givin, that BC will host the Scotia Bank western finals and the GREY CUP.

so the race is now, who will host the semi-finals??.....

Edmonton's Commonwealth stadium capasity of 60 000
Calgary's McMahon stadium capasity of 35 600
Saskatchewan's TaylorField capasity of 28 800

edmonton only had 37 000 turn up for thier home playoff game last year....but they've been drawing 44 000 and 42 000 for thier last 2 home games

it'll be interesting to see how many people turn up at commonwealth to see the eskies host the unbeaten lions?!?!?!....that should be an indication of the crowd size if they host a playoff game this year.

what is up with that? I don't get that one?

YES...............WHY???????????? because I have picked ......EDMONTON to WIN.......THAT'S WHY?

Eskies are expecting 50,000+ tonight against the Lions because they are giving thousands upon thousands of tickets away to elementary students across Edmonton. In essence they are papering their crowd for tonight.

LOL hey lions why dont u lookat your crowds befor eus ay anything about edmontons, we are the best fans in the league, look at the attendance, then look at yours,

we give away mayve 10 ,000 , thats still gives us 40,000 ticket buyers, when do you get tht consistantly , get of the weed buddy

true...if they sell 40 000+ tickets, WHY NOT give the rest away?

looks good for the league to have a FULL stadium. commonwealth always has the best attendance but looks the most empty on t.v.

those fans who got freebies tonite, will probably be eskimo-fans for life now!...

When did I ever say they shouldn't give away tickets? I think it's a great idea. All I'm saying is if you see the 50-60,000 tonight, it's not all a paying crowd. RunNealon, I'll need someone to translate what you just wrote into proper English before I can respond.

i wish they’d say how many there were who PAID, then say how many were there…like 47 000 paid, 55 000 in attendance.

that would answer my question of, how many would trun up for an eskimo play-off game at commonwealth this year.

i wish toronto would do something similar…like have the 30 000 paid they get, then pack the upper deck with $5 a ticket…that’ll get the stadium full. even if they sell 10 000 at 5 bucks each, thats $50 000 plus consessions they wouldn’t have had.

will Ray wake up…or do they finally have to play Maas…will Dickenson last the full game …or will he get nicked again…resulting in a Buck Pierce.appearance…just a couple of things that could determine the out-come of this one…does anyone know the status of Casey these days… :?:

Casey’s shoulder is still somewhat injured. He will not be available this game.

On the injured reserve list till the end of the month.

No doubt in my mind that BC will beat Edm tonight and tie Calgary with 12-0.


then ur mind sucks

easy to say AFTER the game

The tickets that were given away were for kids in the knot hole section. I don’t think that section holds 10,000.

yea…they said 48 000 in attendance…since they had 44 000 for the montreal game, i’d say 47 000 prolly paid tonite

The kids ticket were only free with a paid ticket of an adult so if on adult broght two kids only one of the kids tickets are free. We have been averaging 40000 fans per game