Can the Lions be the No. 1 team in Vancouver again?

Do you think the sports fans in this town wish it was still football season?

Another 2-1 Canucks loss and the phone boards are loaded with calls about how boring this team is watch.
Scalpers are apparently taking a bath outside GM Place and Jeff Patterson was saying on the TEAM 1040 the noticable growing number of empty seats among the corporate season ticket holders.

It wasn't that long ago the Canucks were drawing 11,000 a game at GM Place and if they're not careful.... they're headed that way again... never mind expecting fans to purchase pay per view games like tonight's classic.

Meanwhile... a report in today's paper says TV ratings are down significantly for TSN and CBC so far this season... 33 and 19 per cent respectively.

Vancouver has proven to be a pretty bad bandwagon town. However, I think we have matured as a hockey market to the point that I don’t think we’ll see 11,000 fans ever again, although I do see an end coming to the consecutive sellout streak. The problem lies in that too many fans come out to Canuck games who aren’t hockey fans.(I was at the game and was treated to a couple seated behind me talking about shopping the WHOLE game).

The Lions (I’m sad to say) will always be a distant #2 in this sports market, no matter what happens. To most people in Vancouver, (again, sad to say), the Lions aren’t viewed as “major league”.

I get a sense that Vancouver could become a Lions town again. Canuck fans are now angry...indifference comes next.

Right now the Lions are a lot of things the Canucks aren't:
The ownership and management is more proven and stable.
The roster is stable and many players are achieving "star" (ie recognized by non sports fans)status. Who is Jan Bulis? Kevin Bieksa? The NHL salary cap produces way too much turnover.
The marketing is better... "you need some football", they are more active in the community,they have better uniforms and merchandise.
Management is more fan friendly ...better prices, no pay per views.
And lastly the Lions are champions and look like they will contend for years.

As for the question --- do I still wish it was football season? YES very much! I've got withdrawls pretty bad and can't believe we are only 2 weeks into the off-season. May, you can't get here fast enough.

The day after the Grey Cup Team 1040 did a poll on who's the #1 team in Vancouver , Lions or Canucks . Lions were ahead by 59% . Ya I know that's right after a GC win but , still that's pretty good for the Lions to beat out the Canucks especially on 1040 which has a mainly Canuck audience.

I think that the lions will slowley creep up and become even with the canucks if the canucks keep playing the way they are, exspcally if they are out of the playoff run by the end of febuary or mid march, then you will see the lions taking over this year in ratings, popularity , and of course the most important attendance, exspecally if they off to a great start.The only thing i am worried about with the lions is all this talk about if the NFL Comes to Toronto is it going to kill the CFL,It is very negative talk about something that has about a 10-15% chance of becoming a realaty right now, but if this storey gets stronger and stronger it could hurt the lions at the gate this year, because people will start to belive it and the CFL will get nothing but negative publisity.

Bruce Allen can see it happening.

This is sweet:

That is old news.

All the media is back with the canucks.

Yeah back ripping the Canucks like this:

Act now while we're still awake

Boring play, rare goals, empty seats; GM must try to fix it

Tony Gallagher, The Province
Published: Friday, December 01, 2006

You have to wonder how much longer general manager Dave Nonis can watch this without doing something.

After all, how much longer is owner Francesco Aquilini going to stifle the yawns everyone else is giving into while watching this team?

He can see how profoundly boring this team's game has become as the over-under on these guys in Vegas continues to plunge. He can see the ever increasing number of empty seats creeping into a building that once rocked with entertainment.

He knows that unless something drastic is done, he's looking at this same sort of entertainment level for the rest of this season, and given the amount of money they have committed to the people wandering around in Canuck uniforms right now, next season as well.

He lives here, he can see the property he just bought lock stock and barrel getting to the point where even the coach is publicly chortling at his team's laughable attempts to put the puck in the net.

Thursday night's only success was a desperation drifting shot of a rolling puck from the left point by Alex Edler, a defencemen who is in the lineup only because of an injury to Rory Fitzpatrick, the puck going in because the Sedin line of all people generated some rare traffic in front.

Other than that, the only thing keeping people awake is the strobe lights which bother you when you close your eyes.

Yeah but they are talking about them , ever since about 3-4 dyas after the lions winning the grey cup i have heard nothing of them, and all this talk of the nfl coming to tornto, there will not be much lions talk for a while,The media here is canuck media during hockey season,it would not matter if the canucks did not win another game, it would be canuck talk and gm place would still sell out,the NHL is huge,and way more popular then it was in the mis 80's.It kind of remindes me if there were an NFL team were here it would not matter if they did not win one game for years people would still go, the CFL does not have that following.

I like Bruce Allen, he tells it like it is!

Sadly as much as I'd like to see the Lions go to number 1, the talk shows will keep the Canucks at Number 1. This is a hockey town, but hey, nothing wrong with the fan support they got down the stretch. Being number two in town ain't so bad!

IT comes down too this what do they like more Hockey or Football...we live in Canada so it is obvious that they would pick hockey before football...if they dont make the playoffs in hockey then they will move too football..

IT comes down too this what do they like more Hockey or Football...we live in Canada so it is obvious that they would pick hockey before football...if they dont make the playoffs in hockey then they will move too football..

I agree, if the canucks do not make the playoffs at all, the lions will become the number 1 team untill canucks training camp starts again, even there if the canucks do not make any moves at all to make our team better over the off season, Then a lot of the attention will go to the lions during training camp