Can the Leos Win the Grey Cup?

I'm hoping that with a healthy Dave Dickenson, and a team that is working together (unlike last season), that we will win the Grey Cup this year. The only thing that scares me right now is the loss of Jason Clermont. Hopefully he comes back within 6 weeks and be stronger than ever. Go Lions Go!!!!Is the Leos fifth Grey Cup victory well on its way??!!!

Now we lose Simmons again, and maybe Jackson for a couple of weeks? Keep the QB healthy, but lose our receivers one by one.

The Leos looked like a bunch of amateurs today. :mad:

You can say that again…AMATEURS! Simmons getting pulled down by a rookie kicker! That’ll teach him to show boat!!!

Wally Buano has high cholesterol

…I DARE you to go up to him and say that to his face…COWARD, yellow streaked rider coward…

Not intelligent enough to come up with your own line? Loser!! Crawl back under your rock and cry, sissy!, funny sourgrape guy......I figure you'll be trolling 'round here with your travelling sourgrape variety show this weekend after the Lions slaughter your riders.....guess I'll need to up my mod patrol to keep the good fans of the Lions free of pesky varmints like dasourgrapefan.....

The scary thing is the Leos seem to be getting worse, not better. I hope this changes when Claremont comes back in a few weeks...and what are we going to do with the LB corp? Bring Johnson in the middle and move Glatt into Kidd's position?

Too early on the season to talk about it, the subject is a big issue in the second half of the season

Hey Redwhite:

Are you going to retract your disrespectful comments from above, or are you going to be a TYPICAL Stampeder lowlife and deflect?

The stampeders are definitely a first place team, first place LOSERS! Bet hwgill was laughing his head off as the stamps defecated the bed and gave Hamilton their first win of the year!

In reality, the stampeders were lucky to beat Hamilton awhile back, not the other way round.

In future “Don’t write a cheque with your mouth, that your butt can’t cash!”

So what will it be, a manly, or cowardly response redwhite?

Actually, I didn't laugh my head off that the stamps lost. I was just very happy for the Ti-Cats that they won a game. That they beat the first place Western team (Stamps) just makes it even more...exquisite.