Can the league handle two late stadiums in 2014 ?

While it is still early. Jeff Hunt President of the RojoNegro stated this week that it is likely the team will have to play its first month on the road. Given that the Ottawa stadium is further ahead of the Hamilton stadium. There is a possibility of two teams in the East division not having their stadium ready for the start of the next season. Add the scheduling problems posed by Rogers in Toronto I'm not sure how the league could handle that.

I have heard the Reds will have to play both pre season games on the road but the stadium will be ready july 1st now maybe its changed but thats the last i heard.

I can just imagine the scheduling nightmares the CFL office will have trying to put a good schedule for next year...

Ottawa's entry into the schedule should have been dependant on their having a completed stadium to play in.

Well right now they look ahead of where Hamilton is by quite a bit. So this could become quite a problem and could really massacre the schedule for the rest of the teams as well.

The schedule has been awful this season. I'd rather suffer through an awful schedule with 9 teams and 2 more new stadiums.

Oh well, I don't blame the CFL for something that is Ottawa and Hamiltons City Councils that are as out to lunch as most of the city councils in this country. CFL would've had a new stadium in both cities years ago if the City Councils weren't draggin their tails so much.

Then the 2011 Lions and the 2012 bombers should have been suspended from play. What an assanine comment. :roll:

Not sure I'd blame Ottawa city council for all the delays in starting construction at Lansdowne. Every time they approved something, it seemed that the Fiends of Lansdowne ("r" omitted intentionally) would launch another lawsuit. The city council's hands were pretty much tied up in red tape.

By that logic Hamilton shoudl have been asked to sit out untill there stadium is ready.

no, because the lions and the bombers were already existing teams. What an asinine comment :roll:

they should make the construction companies work overtime to catch up.

Your going to create all types of issues if on one hand you say current team can play in temp stadium but new ones can not there has to be the same rules for all.

Just more holier than though BS from FYB.

I think theyre already working Saturdays now in Hamilton but I think the construction companies and their unions (I have nothing against unions and their cause) would strike if they were asked to work any more hours or days, just my opinion. I do think the contractors building THF will face heavy heavy fines or every day they build past July 1th, 2014. Not sure of the sitch in Ottawa though.

Does anyone know if the stadium expansion done to guelf this season is going to be taken down when the ticats are done for this year? Or are they going to keep it up until they get more info on the completion of thf?

hell no.

  • it is a bid job, which means that request would fall back on the financing members, NOT the construction company.
  • it encourages not meeting timelines for workers.

I would hope there are significant fines for not meeting timelines. That puts it on the general the OT or pay the fine and get the bad image.

But it's nothing to do with Hamilton City council, the construction is managed by Infrastructure Ontario. The provincial body that is overseeing and managing the construction for all the facilities for the the Pan Am games.
The city didn't drag their heels, they couldn't start tearing down the old stadium until the end of the last CFL season.

Is it worth pointing out that the Ottawa stadium is not actually behind schedule? Unless someone wants to point me to some indication that it is?

Jeff Hunt has indeed said that he wants to start on the road but that is a safety measure. That way, if something DOES happen, there's no need to adjust. It gives them and the league elbow room.

It was. And the stadium is expected to be ready. That's why they're in.