Can the CFL whipping boys continue their quest!

Can the CFL whipping boys (Riders) continue their quest for the Holy Grail. Or will they start their slide. First off I am glad they are doing well thats face it how many times on this site have we heard the year 1989 mentioned. I think I have mention what 1000 times. Ten games to go thats hope they do not choke.
Speaking of whipping boys how is Taman's boys. I heard they are actively looking for a QB no faith in Glenn in Misquito town.

Only time will tell...

The bye week couldn't have come at a better time for the Riders though ( or most West teams for that matter ).

...Riders look pretty solid...whether they can hang around in 1st. place ....who knows....the Labour Day contest and return game in the Peg. could very well be a turning point....and that would be for BOTH clubs......Don't know why you think Bombers have no faith in Glenn....with the numbers he has this year...and surprize ....surprize ... back-up qb. Dinwiddie is looking better and better all the time... lately Berry discovered he can kick ...and Ryan was pounding them through the uprights from good well, in fact, he's listed as the 2nd. kicker ahead of Troy ( who's on the injured list)
sooooo all in all i wouldn't worry bout the Wpg. qbs. my son.....rather i would be concerned about Henrys up and down play....and your back-up (Akili) ....who looked a lot like McMahon in T.O. last time out.... :lol:

I'm thinking Winnipeg has more faith in Glenn than the Stumps have in Bank Burris

Ah Squirrely who is talking about Burris you still love him I see. :lol:

C'mon RW2005, give squirrely a break, he just got back from picking daisies for the parade float. :wink:

sixpacked thanks for that. Yes I will need to give him some slack. By the way is the float red and white?

Red and white all over.? Isn't that the punch-line to a kid's joke? Congrats on the 10K posts by the way. :thup:

Thanks six packed. But like I said the Rider fans (many of them) should get the credit. :lol: :lol:

I’m pretty sure the kids joke your thinking of goes something like this:

Q: What is black and white and red all over?
A: A sun-burnt zebra.

At least that’s the one that I have heard.

No Turkey is making a red and white float with Squirrely helping I am sure of it. Nice of the turkman and squirl to do this.

There better not be flowers on it... Im allergic to pollen... :frowning: lol

I had a quick look at the schedule earlier, and if the Riders keep it up, I could see them going 12-6. Time will tell.

(Of course, I also had the Lions going 12-5-1, which would put them ahead of the Rides. :stuck_out_tongue: )

No i dont love Mr Bank I just dont like him cause hes a liar and when he was here, we thought he was going to be the QB to take us to the promise land. But as you now know, he will never be the QB to take any team to the Grey cup. The Float that im making is for you red and white for when you guys finally decide your better off without Mr. Bank and get a team player like Joseph on your team.

Great topic Red05...can they continue??
Of course not...Green will be Stomped....
Bombers will crush green......GO Blue...
Let the Cannons roar....

Well squirlley I now know why you picked your name. :lol: :lol: :lol: Are we going into the Burris issue again. The only liar we all know is unemployed and gambling in Las Vegas.

So that's where Marty York went!