Can the cfl website hire better writers??

Why is it that every year we have to put up with glaring mistakes on website releases. Case and point: in the review of the Riders vs Esks, they have this:

Safety: Rookie Tristan Clovis is battling Scott Gordon to anchor the secondary. Clovis has had a great camp and in the preseason opener he made quite the impression when he plastered QB Buck Pierce, causing a fumble.
Now you would think that an official writer should know that this is Clovis's third year as a Rider. He was the starter last year for a lot of the year. Plus he played a lot in his rookie year. If the CFL wants to be professional glaring mistakes should be edited out way before posting. I don't expect the writers to know how long everyone has been in the league or anything like that, but you would think that they would know he is not a rookie.

rant (1) of the day

Surely you mean "case in point". Be careful when criticizing others for innocent mistakes!

Not sure that Billy claims to be a professional himself though :smiley:

I think his point is exactly that - the standard that applies to professionals ought not to be the standard that applies to contributors of a basic web forum by average Joe's and Jane's ...

I am far from a professional writer. Don't claim to be (unless its in computer language). For a professional leagues website they should be.

They have fixed it by the way.
But I don't think it was an "innocent mistake" more of a lazy one.

I've noticed TSN also has a lot of mistakes. I haven't noticed them calling a veteran player a rookie yet, but it seems like every article I read on that site has at least one or two spelling errors. I guess they haven't installed the spell check software yet...

I would agree with BSoup, I am frequently frustrated with the lack of accuracy in online publishing (not only on the CFL website), last week an article in the National Post reporting on Portugal’s win had a headline with Italy… really… are we THAT busy?

Well at least they fixed that one.

On the Montreal preview, the writer refers to safety Matthew Proulx as Montreal's starter last year.................which he wasn't, Boulay was.

They haven't fixed that one.

Matt Dunigan called Teale Orban "Orban Teale", so anyone can make mistakes.

How many times last year did one person or another refer to Brock Ralph as "Ralph Brock"? Ralph Brock is the name that Dieter used when he first entered the CFL.

Ralph Brock is the name that Dieter used when he first entered the CFL.
Actually you have that backwards. He was called Deiter Brock when he first came to the CFL. Then after about 3 or 4 yrs in the league he announced he wanted to be called Ralph from then on.

When asked why, he said, "because that's my name". When asked why he didn't say anything about it before, he said "because nobody asked me."

2008-07-13 11:01:00 THE CANADIAN PRESS

HAMILTON - Wes Cates scored a one-yard touchdown with 29 seconds left as the Saskatchewan Roughriders defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33-28 at Ivor Wynne Stadium Saturday.

Weston Dressler ran 68 yards for what looked like a sure touchdown, but was run down by Hamilton defender Jykine Bradley who knocked the ball out of his hands at the one-yard line. The Ticats wanted possession of the ball as the last team to touch it, but the Roughriders were given the ball at the one.

Hamilton kicker Nick Setta booted a 41-yard field goal to give the Ticats a 28-27 lead with less than four minutes left in the game. The Ticat defence stopped the Roughriders on the ensuing possession, but when the Hamilton offence couldn't keep the ball, Saskatchewan got one more chance, and got the ball on their own 28 yard line with 1:21 left on the clock for pivot Darian Durant to engineer the winning drive.

Saskatchewan (3-0) had led for most of the game before Setta's kick. Durant, in his first CFL start replacing an injured Marcus Crandell, threw two touchdown passes and one interception for the win, their ninth straight over the Ticats (1-2) dating back to 2003.

Cates scored two touchdowns while Nick Hughes and Weston Dressler eached scored for Saskatchewan.

Lumsden scored twice for Hamilton and quarterback Casey Printers added one.

Setta was 2-for-3, missing an early attempt from 37 yards. But his 48-yarder with 8:04 left in the game pulled the Ticats to 27-25 and his 41-yarder gave them the lead with 3:55 left.

Roughrider kicker Luca Congi was 2-for-2 with field goals from 47 and 14 yards.

Hamilton seemed to be gaining momentum late in the second quarter, down 10-8 but moving the ball well until Lumsden fumbled as he tried to get the short yardage for a first down at the Saskatchewan 21-yard line. The turnover proved costly as Durant drove his team downfield (aided by two major Hamilton fouls), ending with a three-yard touchdown run by Cates. The Roughriders went into the locker room up 17-8.

Hamilton then started the third with a turnover, when Printers gave up an interception to Lance Frazier on the Roughrider 45-yard line to end a promising drive. But Hamilton defensive back Chris Thompson got the ball back on the very next play, picking off Durant at the Ticat 35-yard line and avoiding potential disaster for the home team.

Given a second life, the Ticat offence made no mistakes on the ensuing drive to the endzone, finishing with an eight-yard TD run by Lumsden and pulling to 17-15.

The Roughriders answered with a scoring drive that ended with a 30-yard pass-and-catch from Durant to Dressler to go up 24-15.

Lumsden busted through the pack at the end of the third, romping 43 yards to the Saskatchewan one-yard line as time expired. Printers kept the ball for the one-yard score to open the fourth and pull the Ticats to 24-22.

Congi's 14-yarder made it 27-22 with 11:05 left in the game after the Ticat defence twice denied Saskatchewan a TD from the six-yard line, once by stuffing Cates for no gain and again when wide open receiver Adarius Bowman couldn't hang on to an endzone pass.

Setta hit from 48 yards to pull within two points midway through the quarter. His 41-yarder gave them the lead.

With Saskatchewan up 3-1 as the first quarter ended, a Durant pass attempt sailed 48 yards, hit the fingertips of the Hamilton defender, but still landed in the hands of Matt Dominguez.

That set up the Roughriders first TD of the game, a three-yard pass to Hughes. The Ticats responded midway through the second quarter with a long drive highlighted by a 17-yard run by Tre Smith and another push to the two-yard line in which he spun out of the grasp of a Roughrider defender. That left the glory to Lumsden, who drove the ball in for the TD.

Do these writers even watch the games?? (this is from ... n-hamilton )
(gonna discuss the bolded text in order from top to bottom)

Hamilton may have wanted the ball but they were not the last to touch the ball. (this point has been discussed to death in other threads) It's not good when what should be a recap someone throws in an opinion.

Durant did not throw an interception, Andy Fantuz did. Anyone who watched the game would have clearly remembered that it was a backward pass to Fantuz (that he fumbled) and then threw.

Those last two paragraphs just seem out of place. They really don't make all that much sense where they are as they are describing the first two quarters.

And to end an article about the Riders win with this sentence "That left the glory to Lumsden, who drove the ball in for the TD." just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Where are the editors?? The CFL is a money making league now, you would think they could afford better than this.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer so I may have made mistakes, I however do not get paid to write, these guys do.

The Canadian Press wrote this article - your beef should be with them.

Fair enough, But The put it up.