Can the CFL (on TSN) get better TV commentators?

Can the CFL get better commentators .Glen Suiter is awful to listen to. The stuttering and lack of knowledge is irritating.


Somebody must think he is the best they have because Suitor will be doing his 3rd game of week 1 on Saturday.

how many more times will he point out 620

Once you've listened to one Glen Suitor game analysis, then you've basically listened to them all. It is like playing sports video games where you are stuck with repeated canned commentary.


Suitor was worse on Thursday night, I had forgotten how annoying he is, it's the non-stop chattering. I ended up turning the sound down, then when I saw that he was doing last nights game the sound was off for the whole game.
He just won't stop the incessant chatter!! why can't we have some quiet time?

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TSN now for a long time has heard the complaints of Suitor and Black but do nothing to improve the game broadcast. The two are mainstays according to TSN they love them yet you get viewers complaining each year and TSN does not wish to improve what can you do? The two mention above is like finger nails on a black board.

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Pick a commentator
Colour, play by play, on the panel and I guarantee that someone here hates that person and wants them gone


My biggest beef about commentators is TSN’s habit of interviewing various guests during the game, and largely ignoring the action on the field.

The interview with Ambrosie wasn’t really very interesting nor informative. Should have been part of the pre-game, if they felt it necessary. Plus delaying the kick-off by some 30 minutes to display a couple of flags and a banner was boring and annoying.

But that’s on the broadcaster, not the commentators.


Not sure of it's the production people or producers wanting them to put filler in and then not realize they are over lapping the in action game PBP .

I don't mind a side story put in when there is a lull but Suits and Black have at times gone way over the intent of entertaining while waiting for action to start .

Is it them or are they being told to and then no one in the trailer or wherever isn't saying to them cut off the talk and return to PBP .

They do it in the NFL as well with some talking heads so it's not a CFL thing but I would like a better quality control with the PBP when it comes to side stories and timing .

Yes they could have taped it earlier and waited for a lull and put it in where appropriate time allowed .

The coordination of side segments seems to be off at times .

I agree

Agree again
I don't remember them broadcasting any other teams celebrations

While I was watching the Hamilton-Winnipeg game I was afraid my ears would start bleeding from having to listen to those commentators!

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Maybe Suiter should go back to working at Moores.

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It seems to be getting worse each year.

They chatter some much, they miss plays or don't notice things that happen.

No replays on penalties (if they notice at all). Have used my own pvr to try and catch if it was a good or bad call.

Talk about something completely different than what is shown on the screen.

I hate in the booth guests.

Seem to stick to favouring one team and treat the other as non existent.

It is really hard to watch some times.

There's lots of replays on penalties. Gainey's illegal contact, complete with an arrow pointing him out. Several replays of Clark's tourist hit. And if you're not happy with the replays, that's not on the booth, that's on the director's truck.

Suits is fine. People just hate on him because he was a Rider. I've heard him talk about this a few times. He can't wear a green tie when he works a Lions-Bombers game for instance, or he gets reams of hate mail for biased because of HIS TIE. So he wears a blue tie for TiCats-Edmonton and gets reams of hate mail for being biased because his tie is anti Hamilton. It's all a load of crap.

Rod Black on the other hand, I'm sure he's a nice guy but yea, the cliches, the cracking voice ... he's just not a football guy. Not relatable.


I'm not a big fan of the commentators either, but like some of other post topics on this site that don't interest me, I just tune them out.

CFL's repetitive television commercials are just as irritating.
I fixed that issue by PVRing the game an hour before I watch it.

Suitor keeps talking while the game is on. To many replays. Are the producers in control of the game? I agree some quiet time would be nice. I wish there was a option to mute the booth sound and have only sounds like you were at the game.

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After reading and posting a reply, I watched the game with my dad who always has the sound on. Yeah I can forgive calling the elks the eskimos a few times cause it's new but my lord the stumbling and stuttering was terrible

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I gotta think that it’s okay with TSN or they would tone him down. As my boss used to say, your employees give you exactly what you expect of them.

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I found the broadcasts on Saturday not that good. The commentators and the panel. Maybe time for change. Was reminiscing about the CBC days!