Can the CFL ever become a truly national league in Canada?

Ok, I’m not saying the CFL is or isn’t a real national league with broad appeal all across the country or where there are just large numbers of fans in cities that have teams, although my thinking is that this could be the case ie. speaking with people in St. Catharines, just a 30 minute drive down the road from Hamilton, they get much more NFL news in their paper there than CFL or Tiger-Cat news.

I was sparked from reading the below in today’s Hamilton Spectator about the NHL never becoming national in the States:

“The NHL, like the CFL in recent years, may have to forget the wide over-the-air exposure and settle for being what they are: a league with insanely popular regional appeal, with occasional forays into broad acceptance.”

Steve Milton, Hamilton Spectator.

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If they can make it to a League that represents cities across Canada so far they have 9 and i hope three more cities will be represent. CFL if you know represents Quebec,Ontario,Manitoba,Saskatchewan,Alberta and BC.

and soon, hopefully, Nova Scotia.

The NHL has always been popular in a few select (mainly northeast) markets where franchises have been there since 1920s.

Its biggest problem was and is thinking that they can make it a mainstream sport to Amercians nationwide. Well, they've tried and it won't work. Futile attempts to get a national TV contract that provided both the ratings and dollars has been their grail for about 40 years. It hasn't worked and won't ever do so. Their strength (for TV) is in regional deals.

CFL simply doesn't have the luxury of going into dozens of untapped markets where it can't work.

While it'd be best to have more teams, that doesn't exclude people from following the League if they are not near a franchise city.

Inhabitants of southern Ontario of course have been esp brainwashed by NFL for about 30 years. You don't see the same thing out East or on Prairies.

I think he was referring to when the CFL tried to expand to the States, the CFL will always be the only pro league in Canada that is truly Canadian, I think that's what he meant.

Honestly, I don't see how he can say the NHL out beat the NBA, cuz if you walked into any bar during the playoffs down here, unless I asked for it, they would show the NBA and MLB ONLY at bars.

I can see that the CFL is almost like the NFL in way it’s a national game. I mean look at the NFL and tell me if any Americans feel bout having a Canadian NFL frachise?

I think that the CFL in Canada is ahead of the NHL in the U.S. just because of the "Canadiana" factor. Some people embrace it because it's Canadian. The best way to make it a truly national league is to go to 12 teams. Add teams to Halifax, Quebec City, and London or Windsor to reach into virtually every populated region in the country.