Can the Cats pull it off?

This weekends game against Sask will be a bench strength game and I hope Durant is out but even if we come close it won't be doom and gloom being the 4th game.What are some of your thoughts,can we pull it off against 3 and 0 Sask? 8)

we did it last year

"a benchmark game"

I really hope so but to me, we are still a wrok in progress with all the personal changes each week..if durant starts,i dont like our chances.

I don't think so and according to the spec today, Austin has some doubt as well when he said "....about trying to develop our team and get them to a championship level" We've been trying to develope this team for several seasons, and still doing it. A team in "developement" is no going to compete with this green team. We bring in new guys, dump vets, hit with injuries, no set lineup, let's hope we can just keep it close.

Yes!!! we can and will pull it off…CATS 30 SASK 27…YA GOTTA BELIEVE,JUST WIN BABY!!! :rockin: :rockin:

If our "patched together" team can get hot...I think they can beat Saskatchewan.
However...they had better be ready for Geroy Simon. It will be his first start this season.
Durant practiced this week but there has been no word on whether he will play tomorrow.

Make that rookie QB throw the ball.

We win this game and I will never, ever doubt coach Austin. The difference in talent level between the two rosters taking the field Sunday is substantial. Of course, I'm assuming that Durant plays.

Riders D can be passed against. Their secondary employ some of the stiffs that were around here last year and some of them will be out of the line-up on sun.

Saskatchewan’s defense doesn’t scare me at all, but a group of receivers consisting of Ellingson, Grant, Giguere, Hilton, Campeau and McKay isn’t going to scare anybody either. Nor do they inspire much confidence in me. Plus, it’s not like we’ve shown much of a run game these first three weeks to take pressure off the passing game.

I think the teams will split the series: Riders win this week, Cats win next week.

Hail and heavy winds that blew through Regina on Friday afternoon have caused damage to a number of the new Grey Cup temporary seats in the south end of Mosaic Stadium.

Construction crews are currently working to assess and repair the damage. At this time it is believed that the damage was limited to the seats only and there was no structural damage to the temporary stands. The temporary stands will remain closed until construction contractors have done a thorough investigation and have re-certified the stands for public use.

For those people who have purchased seats in the south temporary stands, please visit for further updates.

I wonder how much damage the storm that blows in tomorrow dressed in black and gold will cause.

Guelph,Edmonton,Hamilton,Calgary,Saskatchewan,sounds like crazy weather going on all over the place!!!

I second your comments, jordan02, on Austin, the talent level difference, SSK's D, and our receivers and running game. The only thought here, on which we may differ, is that, IMHO, the talent level difference -- considering Sheets, Getzlaf, Dressler, Simon, Bagg, Anderson, Chick and Foley -- is substantial even if Durant doesn't play.

Fun Fact.
Chick and Foley have a combined total of ZERO sacks.

SSK is good but lets not turn them into gods just yet.

Not that it changes the point you’re making, but zero (Chick) plus one (Foley) = 1.


The Riders are a good team No doubt but any team at any time is beatable in this league if Hamilton Play the right game.

The Cats need to play smart football, don't be stupid and take dumb penalties that can cost the team and plat aggressive football on all sides of the ball, Offense, Defense and Special teams if we win the battle in the trenches we will probably win the game. I'm looking forward to that match up tomorrow!!


Nope: Cortez is going to get his revenge! :twisted: he did a great job last year for us and look what he has done with the green machine sorry to say it ain't going to be a Any given Sunday this Sunday! He will ram the ball down our throats and exploit our shaky secondary at will ! Cortez is a master O co-ordinator and he is there to help bring riderville the cup at home