Can the Bombers survive without Willy

Without Willy the Bombers could easily lose the remainder of their games this season. This will mean a lot of empty seats in IGF especially later in the season when the weather turns cold.

They will have to start offering two for one at the Rum Hut as it will be the only attraction.

This team is already on some shaky ground financially with the debt of their new stadium.

How many more losing seasons this team can with stand before they are forced into bankruptcy?

Could the CFL survive without the Bombers who have historically been one their strongest markets?

Welcome back Shadow7.

They sure advertised that Rum Hut a lot on TSN during the Montreal game! As a fan of amber Caribbean rums, I hope it's as refreshing as it looks.

Something tells me that Willy will be fine for for next season and turn things around there, but of course you understand that I am only cheering for his recovery and health. :slight_smile:

And also I would think they will be searching long and hard for a solid backup so that you don't end up in another Buck Pierce situation there.

If there is a silver lining it's that it happened at a good time. Going to start seeing some QBs become available soon as NFL teams trim their rosters. Either that or a trade, but the way QBs are going down I doubt anyone wants to part with their back up now.

Why does everyone assume that there will be trade or an NFL cut to come in and be the savoir? When has any QB ever come in midseason and been handed the keys? We will give Marve his shot (most Bomber fans were higher on him over Brohm).
He couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to kickstart his professional career, it's up to him now to do something with it.

I just hope he's given a proper chance. 1 day of field practice, injuries to his starting RB and a good WR. Sounds alot like the Brink situation a few years ago where he didn't perform well under similar circumstances. After that blow out he wasn't really given a chance again.

You can bet though that the scouting dept is looking at NFL cuts, but I'd be worried if any team isn't. But the only way I see a trade for an experienced CFL QB is if Marve can't cut it.

Imo, it doesn't matter who the Bombers have at QB if they can't protect him.
And they haven't shown that they can do that.
I don't think it looks good for the Bombers through the rest of this year. :frowning:
And we don't need any team struggling with attendance/viewership issues. :thdn:

Obviously they are going to give their back up a shot but let's be realistic, he's an inexperienced QB. The Bombers are fools if they are not exploring possible NFL cuts and at least checking out who may be available, and at what cost, on the trade market. For those two things this is a better time than a month ago.

I have faith that the Bomber faithful will ride this out and stick with their team through this tough time. Admittedly it would be a lot easier if they were coming off a couple of winning seasons, but I doubt the fans are jumping ship just yet.

Keep in mind that, with the Als struggling in the East, the Bombers will likely only need to finish third in the West to make the playoffs. And with the Riders pretty much having a lock on fifth place, fourth in the weak Western Division is all but guaranteed; third is within reach. Hopefully Willy will be back in time for an exciting playoff run.

I'm sure they're checking out their options, but if none are available, I think we should see how Marve does as a starter before we start sounding the death knell on the season, or on the franchise.

I agree the timing is good (if there is such a ting after a major injury) as QB's may be available. But again, every team is looking at NFL cuts right now. And we aren't going to mortgage the future to miss the playoffs yet again anyway. If a QB could be had for cheap maybe, but who is a true upgrade that fits the bill? Marsh? I like our current options better.
I agree with Dave - lets give Marve a few weeks to see what he can do.

I agree that the remainder of the season is not so much about who is behind centre, but more about being properly prepared for games. Very few expect anything out of us from here out, but I always think we're going to win the next game.
And I cannot believe that an Argo fan just commented on the Bombers struggling with attendance!

Strongly disagree the west is weak. There is great parity in the league so far this season where there was none at this point last season even within the stronger west division. This season so far 5 teams have 4 wins (2 west, 3 east), 2 teams with 4 wins and 1 team with 2 wins. 7 of the 9 teams are within 2 points. I don't either division as strong or weak.

This could be a season where 11 wins gets you first in the league.

They play the Riders 2 times in the next four weeks so they should be ok.

Injuries are a part of the game of football and when you lose your starting QB like Willy it's a big blow to the team. Even more in Winnipeg's situation because they are not back up strong like other teams in the league.

The Bombers have put so much faith in the number one QB that they are back in the same position they were when Buck Pierce played and was knocked out but I think at that time they had better back up's than the present with Brohm and Marve?

Brian Brohm has good size and the ability but same situation as with Brett Smith in Saskatchewan he will need the time to get into his game and learn the system, which could take a few games or more?

Have we seriously moved from "Drew Willy is hurt" to "the Bombers might go bankrupt" in a single post?


I was actually addressing the second line in the original post.
It was mentioned that the Bombers could have a lot of empty seats as the season's end approaches.
I don't think the league needs ANY dwindling attendance, and the long suffering Bomber fans have been faithful, so I hope that the attendance holds.

No, I wouldn't compare Argos home attendance to any other team in the league.
We may be a small group, but we are proud! (All 10 of us. :wink: )

Can the Bombers survive with Marcel`s 2009 playbook is the question.
If not, Marve will be running for his life.
Guy has had 3 ACLs & a broken arm, he cannot take a beating.

Right on that’s preposterous, and I suspect it is a point of view represented by only a minority of fans of the Bombers.

As if even in the worst case in a whole new season the crowds won’t return either after all these years? :roll:

Maybe they’ll police their own on this count.

Marve will show he can carry the team.

No we have not. And thank you for making the point. The Blue Bombers have been around a lot longer than either me or the OP and will still be here long after we're gone.

thread should be can the bombers survive with the Jets coming back.

30k in 2013
28K in 2014
26k so far in 2015

Don't be so quick to write them off. Most thought the Argos were in big trouble without RR for 6 games yet Harris has performed well. Montreal was a write off after losing both their #1 and #2 QB, but Cato has done OK. Lot's of examples of QBs coming off the bench in the CFL and surprising fans and experts.

Not saying Winnipeg is going to be OK, but let's see how they do next week before we write off the rest of the season.