I am going on record to say the Argos will sellout the Skydump and the 53,000 seats. It was back in '91 I believe with the East Final versus Winnipeg. With Matt Dunnigan and The Rocket. The place was electric with just over 50,000 fans.

Probably. A lot of Als fans will make the trip to Toronto.

Now if it was Hamilton at Toronto, with the resurgence both teams have enjoyed these past two seasons and the fact that it's only a 45-minute drive, they'd sell out for sure!

Last Years Semi-Final I Beleave Sold Somewhere In The Area Of 49 000. I Wouldn't Be Surprised If We Beat That This Year With The Argos, The Defending Grey Cup Champions, And Most Likely Division Leaders Plus The Aluoette Fathful Coming Down Hopefully We'll Get More Then The 50 386 That We Got In The '91 Finals.

Yes, will they? that's up to the folks of Toronto-Hamilton.


Shouldn't the Argos clinch it first before hoping to sell it out?

Its pretty much clinched
Montreal has to win both remaining games while Toronto loses both

37,835 as per the standings listed on last years schedule

that 37 835 was last years east SEMI finals between hamilton and toronto.

i think the argos can expect 45 000 for the east finals....unless they start the marketing of that game NOW

It all depends on who is in the game.....MONTREAL would be a big draw , as would SASK.



Well it just so happens I was supposed to be in T.O. that SAME day. The Raptors have a REALLY crappy home game schedule this year. The ONLY good weekend game is on Nov 20th... Miami is in town... so SHAQ will be there and he's the biggest draw in the NBA now (along with Iverson and Kobe). The game is almost sold out and that should affect the # of people who are going to the Argo game... especially if they are at the same time... 1pm start. Unless the CFL does like they did in Montreal last year and have a night game instead of a 1pm start. We'll see I guess.

I hope they do sell it out. But I doubt that many Als fans will go after we just saw how bad we played. I'm not even sure I'm still an Als fan!! Allen is at the top of his game and he's in 22nd season!!! WTF!!! If we keep playing like this, the Argos will be playing Calgary for the East final!

Besides, I think I want the Als to lose so we can get rid of "you know who". The Dictator who bases his decisions on his ego. I'm getting sick of the bad roster moves! a CB playing LB, Best CB benched, Athletic DE cut who can be one hell of a LB and signing fat DE that can't even tackle or chase anybody.

Down with the Don. Besides, Calvillo calls his own plays, why do we need him again? To call the defense? Yeah, we need someone else :wink:

The ARGOS are far , far , far more popular than the RAPTORS , are. And that game is NOT the CFL's EAST FINAL.Raptor , attendence will NO have effect on the CFL's EAST FINAL ticket sales.They are a different kind of fan.Few , love both games.

It is also the day of TORONTO's SANTA CLAUSE parade , which gets 1 million people out in the afternoon.

So , the game may be in PRIME TIME , at 7 pm

On the same day, Montreal had over 51000 at the big O, for a REGULAR season football game and sold out the Bell Centre with 22000 or so for the Habs. So Toronto should be able to duplicate that, especially since the Football will be the East division Playoff Finals!
With 5,000,000 people, you had better sellout.

We don't have 5 million..........people ......we have 2.5 and .........1 million go to the SANTA CLAUSE PARADE! I don't think that allot of HAMILTON fans will be coming...............and what happens if we don't sell out?

The WORLD COMES TO AN :shock: END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not much I guess, but you have more people than that and you should be ashamed if you don't sell it out :oops: or come close :wink:

Well , if MONTREAL makes it there , surly some MONTREAL fans will help us , sell it out.........just like SASK. fans did for EDMONTON... [50,000+]

I would be very happy with 40,000 + fans. OUR media will ignore it ,as usually.

torontos population is 4.6 million....not 2.5 ( unless your not counting the GTA, and only the city itself )

No one cares dude. Thats why it will never be a main eventer.

I'll be amazed it the game is sold out but if they do, good on ya.

Although I agree with you 100% Eskylo, in this instance I believe the populous of the GTA and some of them in their need to be seen, will show up and in excess of 50,000.

Where you at Shaun?