Can the Als hang on to Noel Thorpe

When Noel Thorpe left for Edmonton to follow Maciocia. I was pissed and saw that as somewhat of a betrayal. Didn’t buy the “family” story. After reading the following article and being educated over the last two years about the epidemic of Autism, I feel differently. I have to first apologize publicly to Noel for that and if he does move on and relocates his family I certainly understand. It is really a shame the corruption and poor governance in Quebec has resulted in crumbling infrastructures and a dismal health care and education system. The Als have taken on many great causes participating in awareness campaigns. Maybe the next one should be Autism which really has become an epidemic. Nine and a half years waiting for support and treatment of a child is shameful, absolutely shameful. Especially that it is established that once a child reaches six years of age it is too late.

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Hfx: I agree with your memo. While working in the mental health field I have known of the family stresses autism brings to family life. We have a neighbor who have such a child. They were very grateful for the help given by a local mental health organization. In addition there exists an association whose task it is for the spreading of information re autism and, provides self help groups for these families.The young patient is presently attending a local school which, is enabled to give educational support as required. I do think that any family thinking of living in Montreal would certainly wish for these types of support.

Can the Als hang on to Noel Thorpe? They damned well better do whatever it takes to keep him!

Let's hope Noel has learned from his previous experience running off with Maciocia that sometimes you have to be patient. Dave Dickenson and Scott Milanovich, Benevides are good examples.