Can the Al's finally win in BC?

If the Habs can win in New Jersey, the Alouettes can win in BC! I think this game is make or break for this team. And in my honest opinion I think our boys will come out flying Friday. Put the Saskatchewan game behind us and lets look forward! Im sure Trestman blasted them after the game and im sure they will respond and show there coach what they can do.

All I gotta say is they better make room as a regular for Reggie Hunt because yesterday he had a hell of a game and he is a hell of a player. Even if we lost I think he gets defensive player of the week?

Yesterday I sha* on Armstead but if the AL's are smart the would use him as a receiver and not as a kick returner. All his years in the CFL he has been sure hands on all his teams and I think he would want to redeem himself. Even if he doesn't play much we can still try him out. If not release him and bring back a kick returner like Levingston or Tompkins.

Anyway I still have confidence in the boys and I think we will do something we haven't done in a long time on Friday..WIN IN B.C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing about Armstead is that he's afraid of getting hit when he goes across the middle.

My guess is that Montreal might be able to keep the score close, but BC should win. At sportbooks, BC is an obvious favourite. Although both teams are 2-2, west division is stronger than east division. In the past, BC has beaten Montreal in 10 of 12 previous meetings. At home, BC is strong 16-4 while Montreal is weak 2-7 on the road. Time zone difference seems to weaken Montreal since 7:00pm BC is almost 11:00pm Quebec time.

Is it my imagination--
or were the Als winning when they
used Cobourne more often??

Yes, but that was against Hamilton and Winnipeg. Both have been susceptible to the run this year. Saskatchewan certainly isn't, so I have no problem with the emphasis on the quick passing game against them, and same goes for BC. Expect to see a lot of Cobourne when we play Toronto.

You can do it!! Is hunt going to play this week?

When was the last time the Als won in BC? If my memory serves correct it has been almost 8 years now? They're bound to snap that streak sometime if it really has been that long, not to mention BC winning the Grey Cup against them in 2000 and 2006.

Montreal is 2-8 against the Lions since 2003.

But when was the last time they won in BC? I'll check the CFL stats.

Who cares about history? I don't.

This is a new coach, new team and new system. Hamilton wasn't suppose to beat Toronto because Hamilton had not win in Toronto since 2001. Hamilton destroyed Toronto at the Roger's Center.

According to this season so far, Montreal should be able to score a lot of points. They scored 33 points against Saskatchewan, statistically one of the best defenses this season. If Montreal's Defense can play tough like Calgary and Saskatchewan's Defense played B.C, we can win this game easily.

In addition, Larry Taylor will be making his CFL Season Debut, he has a reputation to back up, and he did look good in Pre-Season.

And finally, I don't think the time difference will be much of a factor. They've been in Saskatchewan since Saturday, and they made their way to B.C this morning. Wouldn't be as hard to adjust to B.C's time from Saskatchewan's, as it would adjusting from Montreal time.

Ryoooon I was just curious when the last time Montreal won in BC? Does anyone know?

I just remember it's been a very long time.

My last post wasn't an attack at you RLR, if you thought that.

The Alouettes last won at BC Place in 2000.

The Als are 4-7 at BC Place since coming back to the League in 1996

Ok, I wasn't trying to throw a dig at you, either. That worries me that the Als haven't won there for almost a decade, they are bound to win there sometime. Hopefully not this Friday, it's my Bday! And i'll be at BC Place cheering the Leos on and hoping for a good game :smiley:

I'll wish you a Happy Birthday now RLR, because come Friday, we will be enemies! :twisted:


Thats pretty smart on your Coaches part. I know some Montreal Players have commented in the past about the Time difference. Now its only 1 hour.

Should be a great game!

We can certainly win in BC. Lowly Winnipeg took the Lions to the limit in their own backyard. It’s definitely doable. Whether it will happen or not is another story.

To me, it all rests on defense, special teams, and Trestman running the ball more frequently.

The things the Als need to do is. Keep the BC offense off the field. The Als defense will have to have their best game. Simon is elusive and requires attention and they have to stop the run to make the Lions throw the ball. AC needs another great game mind you does he not have a great game. The receivers for the Als can ill afford the drop pass. Go get and beat them down ion their own field.