Can Stamps make the playoffs?

Going to be interesting to see if they can make it happen.

At this point its pretty much a done deal

BC needs to go undefeated and Calgary needs to be winless for it to not happen

They gave me FITS in early season predictions but seem to finally be back to normal
If it was not for horrible start they should have easily had homefield
Now they need to win in Sask (I am torn on who will prevail...)

Oh plus
And remember those awful Lions are 1-6 vs West teams lol
AND playing Calgary next week
So yeah....

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It is going to come down to this week's game. If the Stamps win, it is a done deal, the Stamps make the playoffs. If BC wins this week against the Stamps, I actually like BC's chances the best. Calgary will have to beat Winnipeg which everyone has found nearly impossible this year and BC would have to play Edmonton which nearly everyone has been beating this year. If I were a betting person, I would put more money on BC than Calgary. I just don't think the Stamps win another game this year UNLESS they play Meier over Mitchell. BLM has not been the QB of the past this year. Reilly, I believe is not 100% healthy but will play better them BLM.

On the other hand, can the Stamps get a home playoff game? I think their chances at a home playoff game are less than BC's chances at making the playoffs even though the scenario is very similar. Riders must lose out while the Stamps must win out.



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and then they come home with their tails between their hooves :slight_smile:


I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. sigh

Lol, it was a late ending

Playoffs or not, Mitchell has to go and we need a true offensive coordinator come in and guide this club. What we are doing now is not working. Bo has to go. Can’t run, falls over in a good wind, fragile, doesn’t move the pocket, interception King right now, can’t put anything on the ball, doesn’t conceal the ball on a hand off. He’s terrible. I would rather see a college player take his place!

Give Bo a break. He’ll come back stronger than ever next season. You guys will be singing his praises by next November. Mrstallion says so.

That’s what he’s been saying now for the last 2 or 3 seasons. He’s not built for the game. No arm strenght, can’t run, doesn’t roll out worth a crap, poor spiral, he’s the interception King, he’s go no ability to run or with stand even a little bump. Frail and uncoordinated. His time came and now it’s gone! Anyone and everyone should be able to see this. He’s not a team player. He’s 2 and out all the time. When he does return to the play, instead of talking to his recievers and other players he props himself down on the bench and stares into his i- pad; then on the next set of downs, he goes out and does the exact same thing. Besides interceptions he leads the league year after year with time clock violations, and ends up putting his own team off side many times over. No HE’S NOT COMING BACK AND TO THINK THAT HE WILL… IS NOTHING SHORT OF WISHFUL THINKING. I would take a high school QB over him. Over paid and under talented. The most over rated QB in this clubs rich history. Shame on David Dickenson and Shame of HUFF as well!

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Mr. Stallion would be better off sticking to horses in the barn .

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I would hardly say terrible… and am skeptical of the value of a rando college player…
They won 12 games in 2019 and this year had a good second half (just start of season was awful, luckily BC and Edm were way worse so playoffs were pretty easy)

They need someone to put them over the top though. Team looks weaker than the one that used to go to the Grey Cup every year.


I was kind of just kidding about the highschool or college player, but our back up ( as usual) is better than our first string Mitchell. I go to the practices, and he’s not doing much just chirping. He never works on his conditioning or runninng ability. To me…to be honest…, the guy is just plain lazy. I can’t really think of any other way to put it. I sit there and watch as the balls are 3 feet over the head or down at the recievers feet, or worse yet, the reciever has to stop and wait for it to come. I am pressed hard to think of anything that BO does well. Nothing come to the mind that’s for sure.
Secondly; there must be a HUGE ELEPHANT in the dressing room and I think it could be him. All these recievers leaving the club, and the same with the coaches. Something is wrong there. Some of the blame has to sit with David D. and J. Huffnegal. There seems to be a lack of objectivity when it comes to assessing the Q.B.'s responsibilites and his due dilligence.
I will go back as a season ticket holder, but not until we part ways with either Mitchell, Dickenson or both. This is not going to sort itself out. Mitchell is too lazy to work on anything and views himself as the Prince of Quarterbacks . Needs a reality check!



Dickenson is one of the greatest OCs in the history of the league and is still going strong. Calgary was at or near the top in many offensive statistics this year, including big plays, and they did that with a terribly young roster.

I do agree though that Bo didn’t play nearly at the level that we have expected from him. I think it’s quite clear that for the first time in his career he was not surrounded by loads of all-stars, we saw the true Bo, and average to good QB.

Dave has been the most effective coach in the past, but that to has changed. It’s under his watch then ( a former QB himself) that Bo has not been made to improve in any aspect of his game. Bo is constantly in violation of the 20 second time count, draws his own team offside, and will not or probably more accurately can not run with the ball.
Dave and BO are too thick together. It’s like Bo has David wrapped around his finger and can do no wrong.
No Sir, this is wake up time for Mr. Dickenson as well. The holiday is now over and you need to be more hands on and not lazy - off! He needs to get in there and be harder on his coaches and players - both. I watched a lot of undisciplined behavior on the sidelines that went unchecked by Mr. Dickenson. David possibly is losing his interest in coaching. I don’t see what needs to be viewed by a coach who is 100% invested! Mediocrity and complacency has taken over!

I put Bo, in the bottom 3 of CFL. Despite all his wonderful accolades and records, he still struggles with the most basic of fundamentals. Maybe Ottawa could use him and we'll take their first round pick and improve some on our Canadian Content and bring in some better defenders while we are at it. You think David is a great coach. Well tell me then, why is that the defenders on this team can't make a proper tackle to save their lives. This year, last year, the year before etc etc. ?? You don't tackle someone by the shoulder s you get down where the knees are, lock them up and pull. You have to stop the engine not hang on to the hood! No, Dave has got a long way to go in my books. He' s lost the competitive taste that he used to have, and Huff very well the same! That's why we have a floundering team that relies on the leg of it's kicker and without a perfect game we end up losing. Not right. Not right at all.

Wow. BLM “is just plain lazy.” That’s totally the opposite of what I was expecting to hear.

My life is about people and sports. As such, I have been around a lot of great athletes and myself took pride in my accomplishments. But with BLM; we are talking about a guy who struggles just to get the ball off in time before the 20 second clock runs out. He doesn’t run! He’s the only QB in the WORLD that doesn’t run! THe only one! You won’t find another unless he too bruises easily. Not a guy you want out there. When the defence is on to your offensive schemes, the QB sometimes has to suck it up, place the ball under the arm grip the point of it, and then run like there’s no tomorrow. Well bow hates to use the word “run” never mind have to carry it out physically. In short, he doesn’t possess the tools that are needed to be effective. Buris didn’t either when he was here. If we could get something decent in return for BLM; I would say, " GREAT - QUICKLY GET ER DONE, BEFORE THEY CHANGE THEIR MINDS". I place him about 2nd or 3rd last on todays list of QB’s. This was according to him, supposed to be his make up year. He break through year! Didn’t happen and it never will. His career is over!

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He’s not the Damon Allen that would serve as a threat on every down. No it’s more like two and out, two and out, two and out. That’s what we re calling him in the section above the players bench. That places a lot of pressure on the Defensive units.