Can Stamps make the playoffs?

Going to be interesting to see if they can make it happen.

At this point its pretty much a done deal

BC needs to go undefeated and Calgary needs to be winless for it to not happen

They gave me FITS in early season predictions but seem to finally be back to normal
If it was not for horrible start they should have easily had homefield
Now they need to win in Sask (I am torn on who will prevail...)

Oh plus
And remember those awful Lions are 1-6 vs West teams lol
AND playing Calgary next week
So yeah....

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It is going to come down to this week's game. If the Stamps win, it is a done deal, the Stamps make the playoffs. If BC wins this week against the Stamps, I actually like BC's chances the best. Calgary will have to beat Winnipeg which everyone has found nearly impossible this year and BC would have to play Edmonton which nearly everyone has been beating this year. If I were a betting person, I would put more money on BC than Calgary. I just don't think the Stamps win another game this year UNLESS they play Meier over Mitchell. BLM has not been the QB of the past this year. Reilly, I believe is not 100% healthy but will play better them BLM.

On the other hand, can the Stamps get a home playoff game? I think their chances at a home playoff game are less than BC's chances at making the playoffs even though the scenario is very similar. Riders must lose out while the Stamps must win out.



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and then they come home with their tails between their hooves :slight_smile:


I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. sigh

Lol, it was a late ending