Can someone tell me where these guys are?

I was just browsing through our roster and noticed a few player's that we have signed are not listed on there, can someone let me know what happened to these guys?

OL Ryan Ackerman
DL Chase Ortiz
RB Rafael Little
CB James Johnson

Just curious cause they were listed not too long ago and i thought Ortiz being a young kid would at least be invited to camp and possibly be a PR guy.

I also heard the BB'S stated somewhere that Troy Westwood's services will not be needed, but yet he is still on the BB roster, why is that?

.....LaPo said Westwood is not in the mix for 2010.....Little and Johnson have been released....and i believe Ackerman and Ortiz are now fas' :expressionless:

I know Ortiz ended off on the pr, which makes him a Free Agent..

Johsnon and Little were cut, as papa said

ackerman little and ortiz all finished the year on the pr so they were all fa's. none were cut, just they all ended up the season the pr. james johnson was a fa and the bombers basically told him they werent interested in resigning him.

none of them got cut or anything.

i would like to see them invite johnson to camp. hes a little small but is a ballhawk... i dont see it hurting having him in camp to compete.. i doubt he comes with much salary...

same for ortiz,, i was kinda excited about him, hope he gets brought in for camp

i liked ortiz too i hope he's back for sure. the guy was supposed to go in the nfl draft if u google him but didnt.

James Johnson was a flash in the pan, M&M should be able to find better.

hopefulyy! until they do though il stand by my statement that i think johnson should be invited back..

still lots of time to bring in guys.... i hate the offseason waittt hahah

last year at this time our biggest concern was defensive back and we did ok with the guys kelly and murphy brought in. according to the freepress lenny walls was due a large signing bonus (ofcourse they dont say how much) but yeah id suspect if he was let go it had to have been 6 figures. i dunno. last year lenny walls and hefney werent even signed at this time so maybe mack and company have a few guys still testing the nfl waters.

does anyone know the whereabouts of ronyell whittaker? thought he was a pretty good db last training camp but got cut at the end. why not bring him back? :slight_smile:

I agree Whitaker looked good in TC last year and i thought James Johnson looked good as well, it wouldn't hurt to give them another shot, hope Mack and Co. find some good player's to fill the shoes of Heff and Lenny, tough shoes to fill but it can be done!!

One of them (DB's) ended up in Calgary, can't recall his name but it wasn't Whitaker. I think Whitaker was looking for too much coin, former NFL guy, like Walls. We couldn't afford both, heck we can't afford one now.

No, I think we are going on the cheap as far imports go so they can concentrate on locking up a solid group of nonimports this first year.

Ground up rebuild is what I see.

I would not really say we are rebuilding piggy, i don't think we are far off from being a contender again. We have a solid group of young player's mixed with a couple of vets and if they can Gel quick and play there hearts out then we are in good shape :rockin:

I think it all depends on how the new imports they bring in turn out. If there are a few nice surprises, than who knows, maybe they have a competitive season, but if they can't fill those positions, could be the opposite.

i dont think there is such a thing as rebuilding in the cfl.. basically what u need is a qb and if one of our guys can just basically not give up the bad int (like bishop did several times last year that indirectly and directly(bc lions) lead to the other team winning) we should be allright i think and probably could push for 2nd in the east... ofcourse i think montreal is a lock for first but most times teams who win the grey cup come out and think they dont really need to try that hard anymore. will trestman be able to control that in montreal? probably but just saying.

john eubanks was his name yup. had a case of the dropsies while here but thought he looked good in cowtown.