Can someone tell Jake the rules

Sure, interference calls have been "reduced" to illegal contact on uncatchable passes the last few years, but I've never seen one where the interference was for screening and not for actual contact. So I can't say for sure that that play in particular has been called that way. Give me an example of one.
Maybe they just never thought of that case when the rule was put in, and Jake followed the spirit of the rule and the definition of contact when making the call. In which case they would want to clarify the rule so if/when it happens again there's no debate (again, if there even is an issue being raised about this.)

And, if in fact Jake did get it wrong, then the league should come out and say that, like they did when he got the "simultaneous touching" on the onside kick wrong earlier in the year.
Since they haven't done that, I have to assume the league considers the call to have been correct.

The league will only give an explanation if enough people complain.

The rule does not differentiate between contact and screening therefore there is no difference when it comes to an uncatchable ball.

Yeah, that's what I said. At least we agree on something.
So far nobody has even brought it up as an issue (as far as I know), so there's really no reason to go out of their way to explain. Unless someone at the league was listening to Jake's call and realized "hey, we don't have the rule written properly to handle that situation".

How come this Ro guy can complain, but when I make a complaint he rags on me? Figger that one out?

I suspect what Jake was saying on the pass interfence call is the

PENALTY :1D to Team A,10 yards in advance PLS
(b)Should the forward pass be thrown across the line of scrimmage,the
following shall apply:
(ii) Eligible receivers of both teams have an equal right to the ball and
are entitled to the positions they occupy.
bPass interference shall not be called against either team if an official rules the ball uncatchable.If an official deems the pass uncatchable and Team B has committed pass interference,is shall be deemed Illegal Contact On A Receiver (See Rule 6,Section 4,Article 9 (c).)/b Pass interference shall not be called if it occurs after the ball has been touched by an eligible receiver of either team.
(iv)Inadvertent tripping by a player with equal position shall not be ruled as interference.
(v)Tripping an opponent from behind shall be considered accidental pass interference.
bScreening (face guarding)of an opponent during an attempt to catch the ball is pass interference[/b].

Since it was Screening (if that is what the initial call was, then they would have a Pass Interference, however, since you can't have Pass Interference on an uncatchable ball and there was no illegal contact there can be no penality.

o i agree mad jack. they have been very picky on the surviving contact rule, there was also the armstrong catch last week in the endzone that i was confident he caught that was called the other way. but as you said it is inconsistency in the calls, but i had no problem with the cahoon grab.

and i also agree the game is over and time to look forward, on to bigger and better things for the bombers and riders.